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coached kalou's world name handsome

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  coached kalou's world name handsome Empty coached kalou's world name handsome

Post by forget on Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:30 pm

Salomon kalou before this season although in nine games for Chelsea against six goals in offensive efficiency once straight, didier drogba, cheap nfl jerseys after chasing him seven games without charge, the ivorian particles in this period of misfire also partly responsible blues slipped. Jose mourinho and ruud gullit two coached kalou's world name handsome, all think salomon kalou in the future is definitely going places someday, ghd was sure he is speaking produced "salomon kalou future will surely become a world-class player" such word, mourinho to leave London for three years and now salomon kalou is air max 24-7 -class star also sorts, can "world-class players" could have some far-fetched.

Say to jose mourinho, the Portuguese in his last ugg bailey button at Stamford bridge after once criticized had salomon kalou, causes and performance today no 2: waste opportunity too much. In the champions league group stages at home by Norway rosenborg 1 to 1 draws, mourinho warned after kalou to solve play unstable problem, no chi turbo afterwards, which have become bedlamite at Stamford bridge to the swan song of the dressing room. Mourinho's departure though not kalou's responsibility, but the ivory coast of boys chi pink this opportunity with goals to his bole in London.

Objectively speaking, salomon kalou is a smart boy. For jose mourinho when playing, he evaluation maniac "even if the human is not the ugg boots sale best coach, he is also one of the best. Can be such coach, not only makes people happy liking, also let a person glory;" Mourinho was forced to go after kalou as the former following love, though "difficult to accept the fact that he left" (salomon kalou's line), but for the team, also air max 2011 stepped forward calls for his teammates respect grant: Ta Wilkinson left, Stamford bridge once again stand up to forward the independent, rumor: "we still in steps to do every thing, the team's training also is very normal. Chelsea is a big club, when something development air max 2009, we should focus on, but not for other distractions."

This is salomon kalou, always in the right time said correctly, even sit bench also seldom complain, and so he got the Stamford bridge manager's favorite, chi flat iron ancelotti successive in October 2009 initiative and salomon kalou contract when he said: "he's always full of power, was playing very hard, so I'm sure salomon kalou will in the future become Chelsea more important player." Salomon kalou in Chelsea's importance indeed been increasing in, can say to the mainstay of the teamInter win over parma, result view is a 5-2 victory in the nfl jerseys process, both parties, but the gap is not so obvious, parma have away draws inter opportunity, there are even win at the chance, but inter milan defender Marco materazzi has led by 37 defence, but with two goals and a series of mistakes in the alarm bells tolled, if air max 2010 2 looped goal, if not his post, and the end, really is difficult to predict...

Attack two line personnel crisis further deterioration, benitez had to be pushed forward, while Thornton in defence, cordoba in right, zanetti air max new, materazzi this season 3 degrees in the starting line-up, and lucio centre-back pairing, but the experienced combination in the opening three minutes from the defeat and Angelo left face zanetti defensive cross, the ball hit the zanetti legs after fly to the door, hernan crespo quickly planted super bowl jerseys to front, materazzi speeds volley, inter goal scoring opening convicted. Facing materazzi so non-existing defense, the slow motion "evaluation said rudely. 'hernan crespo's goal ghd iv styler was entirely his responsibility!"

Parma's second goal also comes from inter milan's air max 95 error, but this gift for crespo is joined by lucio and materazzi sent the first 35 minutes, they both in the box, but continuous clearance kick but mian soft and weak, the slow motion "will this both the defensive called" whimsical naive defense ", and agile crespo nature won't be missed the chance, he delivered his online direct teasing break will score pull into 2-3. The air max skyline half, inter defence turnovers still performed, first 52 minutes, inter point defensive floodgates, Angelo inside-left channel onto the post, Article 73 minutes, hernan crespo's header hanging door is hit the far post. Two-time onto the post, parma are sorry not again ugg classic short score and it relies on the inter two additional surprises keep the home victory.

Should say, because maicon, lucio, chivu injured, benitez could make now it accomplished already belonged to easily, but observe inter defence, ugg classic cardy can say now is miserable, 37, materazzi and javier zanetti, 34, cordoba, 32-year-old lucio, four individuals combined ages achieved 140 years, mean age 35, review current European clubs defence, can say to inter milan is the highest longevity defence four people group, on one ugg classic mini, it is the inter several member state to maintain the good, veteran is based in giants, but on the other hand, also can says inter team construction is adverse, depend on veteran support, especially in schedule so closely cases, veteran cannot last forever and classic argyle knit weaknesses completely exposed. The slow motion of the game it accomplished evaluation quite low

compared with dejan stankovic eight points and javier zanetti lucio grades and only six points and 5.5 points, while cordoba is materazzi is jets jerseys five points in one game reversal victory of the game, and obtain a failed the minimum points, the Italian media of materazzi discontent meaning is obvious.In fact, materazzi's current status not beautiful also are not completely own responsibility, earlier, he in interviews have revealed himself under mourinho won the treble after it has been considered retirement, but eventually chi hair dryer his team continue playing for one year. Equally early retirement plan to leave but ultimately have team and cordoba, inter originally intend to perhaps will win three champions league queen first year as a transition season, let's veteran players the newcomer, but due to help the new season since injury is serious, the team underachievement, benitez had to reactivated ugg classic tall and cordoba such veteran


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