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WORLD PEACE STORY - how peace came to the world

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WORLD PEACE STORY - how peace came to the world Empty WORLD PEACE STORY - how peace came to the world

Post by rihanna1 on Sat Nov 05, 2011 1:55 pm

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A parable.

A World In Strife

War had waged in the world for thousands of years. Violence and crime were rampant, the people lived in terror.

No matter what they tried as groups or individuals, nothing changed. Anti-war protests, greater law enforcement, petitions, rallies, political pressure, sanctions - nothing produced the desired effect.

Nobody wanted war and violence, but the governments of the world seemed determined that they should happen. Terrorist extremists had an ever tightening hold on communities, countries and continents.

Television, radio and newspapers bombarded homes every day with horrific and graphic news of yet more disasters, atrocities and deaths. As if it was not bad enough that these things had occurred, innocent families were forced to relive them again, and again and again.
A NEW Insight

Then one day, a group of people decided to change their mind.

Growing weary of fear, terror, war and violence, they realised that they could no longer rely on politics and economics to bring peace. The recognised that no amount of anti-war rallies or petitions could bring the harmony they sought, so they made a decision.

They decided to create peace for themselves.


These people knew that we choose our experiences and literally create our lives through the thoughts and feelings which we consistently entertain.

So, they simply chose to spend more time focussing on thoughts of peace and love.

Starting small at first, they picked an activity they loved, and whilst practising it, they noticed and enjoyed the feeling of peace that filled their being.

Then, when that feeling was as complete and powerful as it could be in the moment, they mentally sent it out around the world, literally showering the universe with love, harmony, security, protection - with peace.
A Positive Outcome

Before long, this small exercise in disciplined thought and feeling began to have an effect. These people felt better. They were calmer and less stressed for longer and loner periods. They started to prefer this time to watching the news, or violent television shows, or joining in gossip and complaining conversations about the horrors of life. They experienced more joy and began to see the world in a whole new light.

Friends, relatives and neighbours noticed the difference in them and were inspired to follow their lead. Soon whole communities shared this simple daily practise, using their favourite pastimes to enjoy the sensation of complete peace, and send it out into the world.

The word spread. More and more people took up this new habit, enjoying the opportunity to have a brief moment of peace in their busy day, and generous enough to send it out into the world.

A Change For The Better

Miraculous things started to happen.

Slowly, communities noticed that they were experiencing less crime and violence. Populations were growing more prosperous, families were stronger; relationships more loving, and individuals more happy.

Even weather patterns altered subtly but perceptibly, becoming more stable. Crops grew more plentifully, water supplies expanded and livestock flourished.

The numbers of viewers of news and violent or demoralising television shows reduced. Besides, news reporters had already noticed that they had less bad news to share. In fact the big stories were about all the wonderful things that were being accomplished for the benefit of mankind.
A Focus On What Is Right

The focus on peace created a blanket of harmonious vibrations that encircled the globe.

Eventually, politicians and scientists had no choice but to recognise this trend and began seeking peaceful solutions to political issues.

Countries, government, religions and people started to pay attention to what they had in common. There was a greater understanding and appreciation of the value of variety between societies and cultures.

Beyond that, as time progressed, it became increasingly evident how many similarities actually existed between them. Likenesses in morals, ethics, economic goals, humanitarian philosophies and social values which had previously gone un-noticed, were more and more apparent.

With an ever strengthening unity between communities and nations, economies improved. Resources were shared and fairly traded to the benefit of all.

Aid and education was collectively provided to areas that needed it, but the urgency grew less and less because with peace and joy in communities came the opportunity for abundance for all.

Money, resources and commodities flowed freely around the world, were used and then circulated. Everyone was satisfied, fulfilled and usefully employed.

the need for large military budgets reduced and those funds were re-distributed. The highly trained military personnel were free to use their skill towards constructive, rather than destructive or defensive ends.

Peace Reigns Once More

With the wide-spread, consistent, daily focus on peace - peaceful attitudes, peaceful activities, peaceful sharing and peaceful appreciation of others, the energy of peace grew.

As time passed, it grew so expansive, so powerful, so prevalent, that war, violence and conflict was simply forgotten. The destructive vibration of war-fare no longer had any appeal or power to draw notice.

It was not a struggle between "good" and "bad". It was simply that the thought, the feeling, the speaking and living of peace felt so liberating, so wonderful, that it became more interesting and important than power, resentment, accusation or even just being right.

Disagreements still occurred, but were allowed, even welcomed. In dealing with disputes the thought of a peaceful resolution was uppermost in the minds of all parties, making such an outcome possible in every case.

Peace was no longer something "Worth fighting for", but had become something worth allowing, noticing and living.

As more and more people continued to put their focus on the quality of peace, they found forgiving others to be natural and easy. Past wrongs fell away, leaving all to enjoy and fully experience their glorious present.

Fear, terror, insecurity and hatred were just replaced by joy, hope and love.
A New Concept Lived

One day, years later, a group of children were playing in an old house when they discovered a dusty old book called "War and Peace". Curious, they took it to their grandfather. Grandad, they asked, What is war? For a fleeting moment, a distant memory flashed across their grandparents mind, then was gone before he could recognise it. I do not remember. He said, Lets go and have tea.


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