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Enhancing The Civilized Brain

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Enhancing The Civilized Brain Empty Enhancing The Civilized Brain

Post by rihanna1 on Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:01 pm

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The humanistic brain is the living soul of the humanistic nervous system. It takes care of the automatic functions of our bodies without us having to remember them. The brain also assists other activities that are known to be substantial as well such as thought, reasonsing and more. Throughout the earth's history, it has been concluded that the humanistic brian is more avant-garde than any other living animals accepted to man.

Homo sapiens characteristics are also defined by the center of the brain. Personality, however, is notably banded together with the brain. So is creativity. Defining colors, smells and making decisions are choices that the brain lets us make. Every other perceived activity of the human body the brain indeed does control.

No matter how powerful the civilized brain may seem, in time it will lose it's strength. As with any other organ, the humanistic brain will eventually get weak and decay. The way you live and many other factors will deteramine how quickly life takes its toll on the civilized brain. As you get older, your brain will eventually become slower. Don't you worry though, you can do certain activies that will help strengthen the homo sapiens brain as age takes its toll. I'm going to give you some excellent tips that will help you do just that.

1. Living a healthy lifestyle is really substantial.

If there is something you can't live without, it is the brain. It is most defintely considered one of the most valuable parts of the body, but as we all think, all elements in the civilized body are vitally important for different functions. Lifestyle, more than you may think, has a very large impact on how the civilized brain performs. People that choose to drink more alcohol, may not fully posses the powers of their brian. Alcohol along with many other dangerous substance cause significant damage to the brain. An alcoholic will argue that, "I have been using only ten percent of my brain, drinking will activate the other 90% of it." This is of course denial. These excuses have been going on for years but there is still no truth to them. Most people would rather have their brain survive for their lifetime, so then they need to take care of it.

2. Eat the right foods.

Eating right and leaving out the junk will have a positive effect on the brain. Our brain is much more busy that you may even imagine. Even while we are in bed, there are still fireworks going off inside your head. You will notice the difference in your brian once you start eating right and cutting out the bad foods. What you may not realize, that even though you think you are eating right to help your outer looks, you could be damaging the civilized brain. It is time to pay attention to our brain and give it what it needs.

3. It is time to exercise right.

When you exercise right, it is extremely good not only for the body, but for the brain as well. The homo sapiens brain needs a well-balanced life.

4. Release stress once in a while.

Releasing stress is necessary to be able to clear the brain from all the difficulties and the clouds in one's life. One must take time to get into a relaxing mood and a good night sleep.

The brain is an tool to be cherished. No individual will ever be able to live his life to the fullest if his brain is not functioning well. A brain that is cared for will result in a more active and fulfilling life.


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