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Is social bookmarking helpful for backlink?

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Is social bookmarking helpful for backlink? Empty Is social bookmarking helpful for backlink?

Post by ladykiller on Sat Mar 19, 2011 3:04 am

Every time you add a bookmark to one of your pages in one of these sites you create a backlink. If you bookmark every piece of content you create in all of these sites you can build a lot backlinks over time. For best results, you want to make sure that the bookmarking sites provide a real, do-follow link. There is much debate as to whether or not no-follow links are still useful so I won’t get into that here. However one thing you do want is a real link. Several sites don’t provide real backlinks – they use their own form of dynamic link which does not count as a backlink. So go for manually bookmarking is the best way.

Social Bookmarking websites are sites that categorize and store 'bookmarks' - just like you would add a site to your Favorites. Only in this case they are accessible to anyone on the net. Millions of people visit Social Bookmarking Sites every day looking for recommended sites.

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