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How to Make Apple Juice

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How to Make Apple Juice Empty How to Make Apple Juice

Post by ladykiller on Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:43 am

There are many ways where we can make use of apple. We can use it for cooking, squeezed juice from it, or canned it for future use. There are people who want juice from apple but because they do not know how to do it properly, they end up something different from the usual apple juice. Juices made from home tastes better from store bought and it certainly costs less. In making a better tasting and appetizing apple juice, here’s what you can do. You need apples, clean cloth and pressing tools.

1. Get fresh apples. Green apples are better but if you have plenty of red ones, then red it is. Mixture of varieties will do, but you have to choose fully ripe fruits and not the ones that are overripe.

2. Wash the fruits. Using them with or without skin depends on your preference. But the skin provides benefits as well as they are fibrous. Cut them to size that you preferred.

3. Get a clean container and make sure the lid sets in tight.

4. Put them in a pot with water of about four inches deep. Let it boil and wait for them to become soft.

5. Strain them to remove unwanted particles.

6. Put them in the jars and let it cool.

7. If you use a container that has no lid, just put them in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.

8. A cinnamon is a good flavor enhancement. You may add some, if you want.

Food processor is quicker if you want a juice at once.

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” so goes that saying, because apples are one of the healthiest fruits to consume. Making apple juice at home makes its many health benefits more accessible. This juice contains high amounts or vitamin C and and antioxidants. Consuming vitamin C improves our body’s defense against communicable diseases. While antioxidants remove toxins that are said to cause various forms of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Making your own apple juice is a smart choice; it is easy and affordable. You can add additional flavors e.g. cinnamon, cashew etc. to make it exciting.

Making an apple juice can be a possible income generating venture. If you have the capital that can finance for equipments and materials, then you can start a business for making apple juice. A good recipe is necessary to be able to market your product successfully.

Health drinks are ‘in’ these days. You can make a business making homemade apple juice and take advantage of the market that is leaning more on natural foods that are aiming for healthier lifestyle. Homemade products are friendlier to the budget and on the pocket.

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