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summer! Empty summer!

Post by caraben on Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:44 pm

Authors: Gu Xiaoli Composer: Jay Chou
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After rain the sun smile slowly
Your smile is like a rainbow in curved
Clouds in the sky that I
Around anywhere around you
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Elongated free kite embankment

Breeze blowing slowly being moved
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I also want to hold it tight to hold your hand
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Watching the sunset romantic hold you

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Afraid of the dark time when the number of the finger will be over soon

I will be careful with my shoulder care by waiting for the rain

I remember thinking I could not sleep after three seconds of my dream

Carrying a balloon ride with you to see over all the stars will smile
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Throughout the summer and you want to travel around the world

Love is like a winding mountain road adventure
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Your smile is my only snacks

I caught this close-up eyes

Throughout the summer melt season

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Day by day you freeze at the end

I know love can be as simple as the original decorative

See the blue sky outside the window in the roof
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I love the picture of you plot
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