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What to Look for When Investing in Gold

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What to Look for When Investing in Gold Empty What to Look for When Investing in Gold

Post by ladykiller on Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:29 pm

Investing in gold is a serious decision and it’s not for everyone. Of course, many people wish they would have bought gold years ago but the fact is, whether you buy it and profit from it or not it will always be a stable means of exchange that no one will reject.

There are two basic types of physical gold, bullion and rare gold coins. Bullion is a good bet for short term investment and is issued by governments. It can come in bars or coins; both of them are liquid, or easily converted to cash. Buying gold this way is less expensive since you won’t be paying a premium (or much of one) to the seller. Both forms come in weights ranging from 1/20 of an ounce for coins to as much as 400 ounces for bars. Both types are small, portable and easily transported but it is essential to find a way to store them safely and securely.

The drawbacks to investing in gold bullion bars and coins are that the price of production is often tacked onto the selling price. You also must transport them, find secure storage and insure them. They are not easily liquidated if you need emergency cash because you can’t sell a portion of a bullion bar or coin.

Rare gold coins are another way to buy gold. They are worth more than the current market value of gold because of their numismatic value. Their worth increase with time and they have traditionally been immune to government confiscation. Be sure that any rare gold coins you buy come with a certification of authenticity in order to avoid look-alike counterfeits. Such counterfeit operations are becoming more prevalent as the price of gold soars!

An allocated gold account is another way to invest. You buy gold and the coins or bars are stored in a “community” vault. Yours are numbered and accounted for by weight, mark and fineness. You’ll have physical security and insurance and if the vault company goes bankrupt you still have your gold. However, check the contract before you sign it to be sure of the terms and ownership. An allocated gold account is like a bank deposit box–you can go get the same money you placed n the box.

Want you are investing in Gold it is essential to watch the live Gold price so you pick the best moment to invest your money. On Live Charts you can find current spot price of Gold along with Gold futures news.

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