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Brad Stengel 2008

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Brad Stengel 2008 Empty Brad Stengel 2008

Post by Mr007 on Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:03 am

Brad Stengel 2008
Well, I know I havent finished my top 25 of 2006- the task proved to be much more tedious than I had imagined, but in any case, this thread will be devoted to my reviews of albums I purchased in 2008. The big difference here is that while my 2006 thread featured almost no post 2000 output and was heavy on the 80's and 70's, this top ten list features 3/4ths music released in this decade, with three albums released this year. Whether its because I've finally embraced the modern underground wholeheartedly, or because the 'well has run dry' so to speak, of great albums released twenty years ago, for me, I don't know. In any case this is a much different list, and alot of people have already expressed dissent at many of the albums Ill be featuring. So in otherwords, I hope this list is more fun to bitch about.

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