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Our worship jade history very long supra

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Our worship jade history very long supra Empty Our worship jade history very long supra

Post by woaini74 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:40 am

295,000 cm wide, 10.5 cm high 12 centimeters, Shared rectangle and trapezoidal jade piece 217 block etc. At that time, in the NaYueGuo although NaChui destruction with han dynasty Chambers, but respects the but again painstakingly imitation according to the system, so in south yue emperor died with jade clothing for mourning and it is not surprising.

upwards dates back to the neolithic age jade converges buried customs. Archeological evidence from the neolithic, since for jade clinking worship of superstition, jade widely used in adornment, sacrifice, funeral activities, before and after death is buried Peggy jade jade funeral custom from generation to supra shoes, development and han dynasty emperors nobility has formed with jade clothing for buried served to the environment.

In 1968, hebei province, ManChengXian first unearthed two sets of complete and precious JinLvYuYi, jade clothing for west ham LiuSheng couple of zhongshan jing wang, also supra skytop by the undertaker hoods, jackets, trousers canister, gloves, shoe five parts (figure 2). Jade clothing, called "jade magazine", "jade Xia" etc, by various forms of jade piece FengZhui and become, allegedly to let the dead body immortality.

Jade clothing production processes complex, intimidating, the first to put large jade expected incision, according to the human body each componental of different shape of polished into specifications of sections, such as: rectangle, square, trapezoidal, triangle, quadrilateral, polygon, etc, and then in the four corners of the jade piece, make hole drilling of precision and process requirement is very high, according to the determination, jade piece on some saw only 0.3 mm seam, the hole diameter only 1 millimeter, final reoccupy gold made of filar processing BianZhui.

In the selection of YuCai also is very exquisite, such as: xuzhou king chu tomb, JinLvYuYi unearthed by more than 4000 block jade piece composed. Jade cut size differ, namely flat thin, and shining, all choose xinjiang and tachiwakaba jade expected, the so exquisite jade clothing in China also need not saw.

To eastern han, has developed and has formed a complete use of jade clothing hierarchy, according to history of han dynasty's old instrument, including: emperor collapse loaded with bead, tangle with tweed Zeng ten double. Yu, such as Ru cablediameter shape, even seam, with gold for rays. Loins and yu Zagreb, long one foot (wide) 2 supra skytop shoes in half, for Xia, down to foot, also sew with gold wisp. "HouHanShu ยท etiquette volunteers under" and detailed records: "ZhuHouWang, columns, hou, beginning sealing noble, princess Hong, all make give YinXi, jade Xia silver wisp, Big benefactor, long princess copper strand of.


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