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Once upon a time, shoes in women coach

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Once upon a time, shoes in women coach Empty Once upon a time, shoes in women coach

Post by woaini74 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:40 am

with irresistible attraction. Every woman is no one can not put yourself fantasizing about into is Cinderella, then from prince get can let himself into the hands of princess crystal shoe!Nova press "shoes: every girl should be aware of this book, a lot about the new idea about shoes, shoe is not only a supplies, to a certain extent, it is human character refraction objects, we feet wearing this call" shoes "thing, can largely expose our character and attitude toward life.

Books introduce said, from British Victoria age to Vogue (the dress beauty "), from XingXieFang movement to the "sex and the city", shoes have been woman self-image plays a key role. Boots, stiletto shoes, sandals, half tall with shallow help shoes, baotou shoes, large base shoe, after empty high-coach outlet store shoes, the book for you explain in detail the development history, shoes for women's past, present, and the possible future is how to gradually be shoes mold one-to-one decryption.

The American writer stefania peterson (Stephanie Pedersen) is hairdressing health problems of professionals. Her article often appear in fashion magazines, this time, DaiFenNi researching out, how people from women's shoes to distinguish a woman's career and life habit.Such as book to Oxford shoe woman dressed in brown's judgment coach purses very interesting, which can be described in the book, "if a woman wearing is brown shoes: you either Oxford librarians, either &literature students, or shop assistants such Lifestyle? No? Okay, but if you realize problem?"

In short, if want to hear or get such judgment, then quickly picked up the book to read it carefully turn, love to wear a walking shoes will also note that reading is how to evaluate, "walking shoes, all day long wear, everyday wear: you may just to make feet from pain, but this kind of safe, my coach handbags idea makes you look very pitiful, is always coffee, wait for others' role."Another is the "leisure shoes: you are probably is the typical woman with her husband, have children, business also on the track. Your hair and makeup is regular, your work bag and your shoes also match".

If you wear Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahniks are such: you either is a rich and Angle vogue, "or is there a very rich lover, or is like in ebay bought in your dream beautiful and economical big brand."In guangzhou in south yue emperor museum, collect something in south yue emperor grave unearthed "filar jade clothing," this jade clothing was served in south yue emperor convergence, divided into wigs, coat, gloves, trousers cone and shoes five parts, long were 1.73 m,

sharing the function to thread wear piece of jade is stickup and linen BianZhui and into. Jade clothing unearthed, BianZhui threads have decay, jade piece scattered in burial rooms, afterwards via expert spent more than three years of time will knock recovery. Two use red thread shoes &those antique childing smooth, edges, drilling jade piece, inside again with silk lining stick reinforcement and into. Have data reported: shoes long


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