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Not only do shoes will do the culture mbt

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Not only do shoes will do the culture mbt Empty Not only do shoes will do the culture mbt

Post by woaini74 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:39 am

emotionally ground say. On shunping shoemaking people deeply realized, and big business "marriage" is important, but the enterprise does not have its own brand, forever can sponsor, might not do bigger and stronger.In order to create their own brand, the county shoemaking people in traditional of reserved cloth shoes while, still fabrics, design, design and color, variety actively chengtuo has developed bottom is QianCengDe, cowhide bottom, polyurethane rubber, foaming double-color mbt shoes bottom, the other seven, eight, Fabric useful? 'blunt, fashion cloth, taslon, flash hemp dozen sample, Colour respect is abandoned the single "black" color, and adopt the colorful bright color, and fashionable dress collocation.

The modified on shunping cloth shoes, not only can and casual wear, skirts pants etc, also can show fashion match the wearer halfback and trendy. At present, the county has jaipur, fu dongsheng the merchant, the Iraq QiShan eight brand, the products are sold to Beijing, tianjin, jin, lu and northeast everywhere, the Cheap mbt chapa shoes of product has doubled, sales revenue of 15 million yuan, some brand already in Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai and other big cities a minor celebrity.

In the fierce competition, on shunping shoemaking people realize the excellent brands should not only have strength, but also has the charm of attract consumers, and this charisma often rooted in excellent cultural creativity. ShunPingXian is not only the old mbt chapa base areas, still have a long history and cultural traditions. County west of Iraq QiShan is yao's birthplace, within the territory of the waist mountain collects manor is the northern region save the most complete the landlord manor, having "north China first garden" laudatory name. In addition, with "the flat earth to skip" represented the unique folk , to ward off evil spirits exorcisms, birthday prays for the theme of the peach culture has a long history in the county.

To take the protection of historical and cultural heritage and actively create economic benefits, combined with the county cloth shoes enterprise foothold profound cultural heritage, successively developed the "red shoes", "good family", "elegant demeanour gentleman", "fushou eloth," "taoyuan JieYi" five series of more than 60 varieties. These shoes in satisfying consumers' basic function requirements outside, still will on several thousand years of cultural creativity into the cloth shoes. A tianjin cloth shoes wholesalers in the county suddenly into six double "good family" series cloth shoes, he said: "in the us there, a lot of young female white-collar especially like 'good family", they said this kind of shoes have a kind of inexpressible classic beauty.


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