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Not only natrium shoes, and finish shoes

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Not only natrium shoes, and finish shoes Empty Not only natrium shoes, and finish shoes

Post by woaini74 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:38 am

According to zhou double lantau island after the head village 5300 jiang 75 years WuXiangLin tell the author: once upon a time, they all three generations of 9 mouth people will do his own toi shoes, from 5 years since the study with grown-ups do toi shoes, feet heel can do a complete toi shoes. Whole family in slack, one day can do more than 20 pairs. At that time, the family even oneself do toi shoes also don't wear! Now, everybody life rich, connect leather shoes just wear a little show old then discarding don't, who love to wear a toi shoes? Besides those doing toi shoes when the "tools of early vulcan ye".

"" now many urban people all like traditional Chinese clothes, shoes these old life things, I is according to the city this hobby, did a few years, built the mansions soil cloth shoes. Now we on online-guccioulet soil cloth shoes rushes out a large market." Baoding, which ShunPingXian shoe XuMingQi standing in the boss before his second young Lou said happily.

ShunPingXian is the old revolutionary base areas, revolution, local women have for the ax-wielding sewing thousands of double "QianCengDe" cloth shoes. Because of shoes to wear, comfortable soldiers mentioned on the issue of "QianCengDe", and we would all became "TieJiaoBan". In recent years, people gucci outlet with the pursuit of comfortable nature, favour cloth shoes are more and more people. ShunPingXian some farmers, seize the opportunities based on local hundreds of years of cloth shoes culture, made a cloth shoes business.

At first, the county for some big cloth shoes factory do on naboo sole, such as some primary edgefold processing of live, don't product shoes. Manufacturers to processing after the contract, the task of the village put JiaGongHu. Because the craft is mature, making fastidious, the county with many large cloth shoes factory signed contract, at that time, the county cheap gucci sunglasses cloth shoes manufacture craft all over the country there is reputation. However on shunping people do not lose themselves in front of "gains".

In economic and trade department of coordination, helped by the county dozen large processing centers, successively eke out her a joint established five shoe and started to produce products cloth shoes.Not only to create tiepai own brandsAfter years of development, has different scale on shunping shoe of more than 20 home every year and more than 50 million pairs of shoes production, the product falls short of demand.

However, the factory can produce finish shoes though, but didn't register their own trademark, produce of shoes is affixed with others of trademark, haven't change fundamentally "contracting gucci wallet live" mode. "We are doing shoes though much, customer approbate, also can do for others, we can only take profits outfit" oddment 'and' big 'whole let others got it." One shoe salesman county of the old WangZhenDuo


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