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Do toi shoes tool is very simple also chanel

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Do toi shoes tool is very simple also chanel Empty Do toi shoes tool is very simple also chanel

Post by woaini74 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:37 am

Arrived in the late qing dynasty, had appeared on the market though rubber overshoes, but the price is expensive, inside the shoe of villous sandwich and easy to store water, so, still can not adapt to the gucci sunglasses need, so vast fishermen toi shoes sell still better.Until more than 10 years after the founding, plastic products only gradually on the market popularization, soon new and soft plastic antiskid wellies also appeared, this yuxie inside non-fluffy, and low-cost, very suitable for fishermen use need, therefore, plastic antiskid wellies finally gradual replaced the traditional toi shoes.

Do toi shoes material is very simple, need only salty grass and straw. The oujiang river, feiyun river, the aojiang river coast, longwan, yueqing, shui on coastal etc, with endless beach, so long as has the tidal place, can grow salty grass. Every year, GuYuShi will Do you like discontinued dior sunglasses? beach weeds remoal, insert salt herbs miao can. Need not sow, salty grass will naturally grow, to slight heat can be harvested. Cut to the salt herbs should be timely bask in dry, and dump sediment clastic, in order to prevent the FanChao metamorphism. Salty grass is perennials, in the first year, four or five years after under all need not inserted again, as long as the beaches on the weeds unplug, fill the salty grass seedlings and do.

As for straw, wenzhou region, and warm weather dipping zone, bedding face accumulates to grow rice, rural households had a large number of straw, sufficient supply of spare.A inexhaustible raw material, plus toi shoes sell and very good, so do toi shoes becomes the oujiang river cross-strait vast villagers the main household sideline prada sunglasses, and almost every family will do toi shoes. People day in and day out together with family begins, philips shoes do to make up for the income for household spending, solve livelihood difficulties.

One is the pu shoes stool, and about 40 centimeters high, man sat down and started to thigh pig stool toi shoes on both sides advisable; 2 it is shoes rake, wooden, crowd, above inserted with five root candle like little stake, Three is shoe waist, ligneous, thickand arrow bow, belts, How much are Ray-Ban glasses? to his waist size can be adjusted at any time, Four is shoe 抝 son, wooden, like rifle's bayonet, used for sole 抝 real; Five is DaoEr, iron toi shoes tube knife, cut off shoe products within toi excess salt herbs and straw.

Last year, lucheng district in developing the non-material cultural heritage census period, staff to the oujiang river coast few towns rural understand the current situations of shoes do pu, many young even toi shoes with what material composition, how a appearance all insoluble, only those older people are still on pu shoes fresh, are still doing toi shoes fewer people.


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