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Popular now cloth shoes with traditional

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Popular now cloth shoes with traditional Empty Popular now cloth shoes with traditional

Post by woaini74 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:36 am

style has have greatly different, whether on design or colors fabric are more accord with the modern aesthetic requirements. It more adapted to the modern's aesthetic and return to natural First breed diversity, not only the traditional manual "QianCengDe" cloth shoes, and craft, cowboy, gymnastics, ballet, fashion, nets flower, embroidery cloth shoes, adapt to the modern innovation, seek beauty psychology. Luck is colourful, is no longer monochromatic "black", but colourful, colorful, such as white, blue, pink, rosy, etc, and use of flower, flower, AnHua, embroider, lattice flowers such as adornment, can with fashionable dress collocation.

Fabric diversification is also one of the features of cloth shoes. Not only have cotton, and to adopt velveteen, woollen, the black silk ribbon cloth, denim, imitate cloth, canvas etc. In order to adapt to fashion consumption, not only have the traditional manual "QianCengDe" cloth shoes, and supra shoes injection pressure and bottom bottom, then pad MaBian bottom layer, such, have both changed cloth shoe-soles fear water avoid wet shortcomings, and retained the soft, comfortable, lighter and health properties.

800 in the oujiang river, high tide, the tide can rise to the WenXi qingtian county. It pentium flowed into the vast sea, north zhejiang Sue, south to fujian widely. Old-time, along the coast dwellers living by fishermen. They go fishing, because cabin board plane is supra skytop, easy to yourself, especially in winter, cabin plate surface has freezes, fishermen in the deck fishing when it is not safe to fell into the sea, inevitably occurred phenomenon, must wear a price is cheap and can prevent slippery shoes, and this, of course, the pu shoes mo belong to. Besides, when the vast rural peasants extremely poor affliction and even rice also do not supra vaider shoes enough to eat, which have the money to buy cloth shoes? On hot days, all was barefoot, only when winter or relatives to put toi shoes.

Long ago, the oujiang river along the coast of the villagers will use local advantageous natural resources -- the straw and salt herbs production with straw shoes, pu sole, salt herbs do do edgefold. This kind of shoe bottom very coarse, have very good anti-skid; Upper wai foot, heat preservation effect is good, and weaving convenience, low cost, very suitable fisherman fishing operation needs. So, each New Year attracts wide, fujian, zhejiang, jiangsu coastal wineries businessman to wenzhou purchase high toi shoes. But the oujiang river coast rural and dc skate shoes in business toi shoes halmos (known as pu shoes passenger) to eatch one to acquire sale. Time grows, sell toi shoes to facilitate forming a professional market. Reportedly now philips shoes city, which was trading toi shoes places.


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