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But HeXueBiao thinks, delivering is sooner or later.

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But HeXueBiao thinks, delivering is sooner or later. Empty But HeXueBiao thinks, delivering is sooner or later.

Post by woaini74 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:35 am

Project office ZongGeKe publicity of ZhuDeJun remember, the museum visitors half a set of 200,000 people achieved great success.Since it was the first Chinese shoes cultural mbt shoes, it also receive a number of foreign visit regiment. CCTV, People's Daily, etc have to state media have reported the museum.

For shoes bo, the present situation of library ShiZhuJun said enormously. What reasons make shoes bo hall minor now situation, and she doesn't want to mention. However, she tells a reporter, shoes bo museum began selling tickets, a 2 yuan, income is still good. But before long, the begin to decrease. To 2004, for tourists reduce, shoes bo museum stop selling tickets, security subsequently delisted. In 2007, with management shoes bo hall of more than 10 crew of withdrawal, shoes bo museum stop opening-up.

ZhuDeJun said, project office no professional personnel and professional funds to the museum maintenance and management. In early 2005, they dozen report to the superior departments, hoping to hand over shoes cultural departments, bo hall for various reasons, always without success.According to project office director HeXueBiao Cheap mbt chapa shoes, this office predecessor is China shoes all industrial zone has (hereinafter the ac), shoes bo gymnasium was built by the government lucheng Chinese shoes all industrial park of facilities, after the completion of the administrative management accounting.

"In 2005, the ac instead project office, project office without power, only responsible for project construction. The original the ac related functional departments such as family planning, urban management has double lantau. To allot government belongs to the category of Chinese cultural shoes all cultural plaza and shoes bo hall, they have already handed over a dozen report to the zone mbt chapa district culture ChuBanJu (abbreviation radio and television news." 07th lucheng HeXueBiao said, in 2006, Chinese shoes all culture square success handover, but shoes bo hall failed to hand over. At present, the museum can by project office custody.

He said that since the project office permissions and lack of professional talents and funds to the shoe bo hall operate, maintenance, shoes bo hall appear only today is the status quo.A office staff said, shoes bo gallery is non-profit industry, the repair and handing over the daily maintenance of after all need money, money cannot implement is shoe bo hall can't handover of one of the main reasons.

On July 15th, reporters call lucheng district culture bureau director WangQingShun, he says, shoe repair expenses, bo hall daily care dimension expenses and function are still district decision. At present, they still can't take over shoes bo museum.


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