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Why might shoes bo hall from brilliant into decline

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Why might shoes bo hall from brilliant into decline Empty Why might shoes bo hall from brilliant into decline

Post by woaini74 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:33 am

In the morning of July 15, 9 o 'clock, the reporter comes to shoes bo hall door, I saw a between says "ticket" type of small pavilion Windows fragmented, indoor thick with dust, Museum electric door iron being torn down fifth, to prevent car entering, electric door and online-guccioulet between pull a chain; Main stadium near by the lamps of the JiGen lift off after whereabouts unknown. Shoes bo hall 2 office frown on exhibition hall is placed bristly, such as sancun jinlian practicality and graphic information. And shoes, they appear as bo hall obsolete, the run-down.

The reporter found responsible for guarding shoes bo museum always fine person Mr Dai couples. Mr Dai couples told reporters that they from the end of 2007, when the first the museum hall and now scene shoes bo yielding gucci bags and thieves "patronage" occasionally. Shoes bo hall electric motor and the iron door have been stolen, cable whereabouts unknown. Last summer, the police had caught two steal central air conditioning outside machine thief.

"Apart from the main building intact, many facilities have been stolen. What makes them angry, shoes bo hall on the steps of the copper strip, "there is no escape from fate also gucci mens shoes, two root copper strip was the thief picked away.Mr Dai couples except for security work outside, responsible for the venue clean. As for venues and facilities whether anyone maintenance, Mr. Dai said: "no, guard the museum is both of us." Due to a lack of nursing, shoes bo museum walls of iron guardrail already rusty stains, deformity not neat.

Mr Dai couples to tell a reporter, due to cable is stolen, shoes bo hall has cut off water without electricity, and, in their daily drinking water is wenzhou Chinese shoes all the industrialization project construction office offers cheap gucci sunglasses water, life electricity use small generators. Shoes bo is not opening to the hall, but shoes bo hall plaza and main stadium periphery is became a citizen exercise and migrant workers visit places.

According to information, shoes bo hall at present by project office management. Project office ZongGeKe section chief ZhaoYu wall said, shoes bo library construction began in 2000 and 2001 October 12 afternoon opening CPPCC national and wenzhou municipal committee, municipal government related leaders attended the opening ceremony. According to media reports, opening at the time that day, shoes bo hall stream of more than 10,000 people.

Now yueqing some bureau work ShiZhuJun is shoe bo hall first director. She said, opening, shoe bo museum collected more than 2,000 items and material, shows rich and colorful shoe culture. At that time, the narrator shoes bo hall has also have special charge of order and security guards.


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