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Construction of sports sponsorship chain

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Construction of sports sponsorship chain Empty Construction of sports sponsorship chain

Post by dobei on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:42 am

According to reports, to strengthen the communication with the Americans, the coach store branch of Olympic preparation charge will be devoted to learning English in half a year, to ease the level of expression. Previously, the establishment of a scientific movement Anta Laboratory, 361 ° has been set up shoes, clothing, accessories and the three major business center, they are doing the same thing --- a movement to create original science and technology clusters.

    Insiders said the brand is the vitality of the final product, product innovation to endless power transmission for the
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, so more and more brand back to the product itself, after all, even the consumer market first to come to the only product, and only developed can really express their own property products in order to more clearly convey the brand concept. This is also the country's top sporting goods gradually integrating domestic and foreign R & D resources, such as the United States KDU, Beijing to the bridge, Lwei Ka, and many other top sports product development experience with the design team, the core product groups to participate in the development of the brand work, building wide range of products from industry-leading system is an important reason.

    Perhaps the sporting goods industry in the next five years, for resources in addition to the core sports, there is product innovation Competition, which will be a new era to speak with the product!


Jinjiang second-generation entrepreneurs seem born with the "dude," the call missed. In 1987, only 17 years old holding Shushing Anta president he considers the best selling 600 pairs of shoes, knocking on the door was of the Beijing market. The winter of 2002, the fledgling Olympic "small club" Ha-Ha CSU relying on a Gold Cup in Beijing to accept the goods delivery van, slowly builds up pick of the Beijing branch. At that time, in his office surrounded by a pile was of shoes and coach handbags, even with heating at all.

They are just a microcosm of Jinjiang second-generation entrepreneurs. Ha-Ha CSU and Shushing on it, inherited his father is no stranger, whether willing, they will carry to family business, "Built to Last" mission. But unlike the first generation of the family, they try the unique energy and vision for the business marked with the stigma of their own. In the second generation of the integration and transformation, many have landed in
coach shoes outlet, Department of Company capital markets in recent years, creating a wealth of yet another myth.

If the terms of the changes from age, from 2010 onwards, after ten years, China's private enterprises will be the intergenerational transmission of the peak. With the majority of veterans staying behind the scenes business of private enterprises, the second generation successors to the whole to the front, to some extent, the growth of second-generation successors will have a direct impact on the trend of the domestic private economy, and even the overall economy effects are not negligible.

For the high accumulation of private enterprises, the
coach wallet of active Jinjiang, this problem also exists. Ha-Ha CSU’s father - Pick Group founder CSU Jungian frankly, "into how three generations of second-generation enterprise management system, I'm not very clear. I think, first of all, choose an artist or loved ones, and see that no one is willing to bear the responsibility. “


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