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And shops with the coming era of

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And shops with the coming era of Empty And shops with the coming era of

Post by dobei on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:41 am

Anta, another leading local community continues to make a fuss around the gucci outlet line of COC. Since 2009, China's National Olympic Committee sports apparel sponsor, the ANTA side repeatedly said that the opportunities offered by the Chinese Olympic Committee, covering the breadth of interests, long years of sport in China is unprecedented, this is precisely the security Tapered looking for to enhance the brand level, the opportunity to increase brand exposure, Anta all marketing activities will focus on integration of COC carried interest, to maximize the marketing effect of the interest.

    Anta (China) Co., Ltd. related to official told reporters that at present, tennis, basketball, and running is pushing the
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main product lines ANTA series. This means that the branding and product promotion from the linkage point of view, conducted by ANTA will focus on the promotion of sports resources in three areas, although the ANTA to their own position is a comprehensive professional sports brands, but any promotion are hoped to enhance the brand and increase brand sales.

    "For this reason, the Kingdom on the future sports brand building, each brand belongs to the core brand will Jinzhou sports resources, sports events by Ling Yu in a prominent and intensive brand exposure to further enhance the branding and product design R & D linkage.”Xtep (China) Co., Ltd. Vice President, I ye said. Return to pay more attention to product R & D

    A thousand miles begins with one step. Product quality and quality is the
to seize the market success of the key, it is worth looking forward to that special steps, Olympic preparations are being set up R & D center, will use the advantages of overseas bases, to enhance human resources, markets, prices, raw materials and other aspects the development of international level, thereby increasing the bargaining power of the brand.

    Earlier this year, the small waves, revealed in an interview, special steps to enter
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purpose is to sell not only expand, but in line with the international process of an important strategy to enhance product innovation. He said the technology is the first footwear imported from Taiwan, to establish branches in Taiwan can absorb more advanced technology and grasp the latest trends, a special step towards the internationalization of technology incubator.

    Coincidentally, the Pick Ha-Ha CSU CEO said the
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will be in Los Angeles to establish R & D centers and sales company, Li Ming, after becoming the second camp at the Nike camp in China sporting goods business.
Peak sales subsidiaries in the United States and product R & D center not only for overseas expansion, but also to be closer to the NBA market, the United States to design more in line wearing basketball products, basketball products to further enhance their professional degrees.

    Peak (China) Co., Ltd. Houlis Dong media manager, said the International Olympic NBA has always insisted on the line, the formation of world-class R & D platform to create based on the global market, with an international vision research and development team, build a scientific system of R & D system, not just product upgrades, even more is to achieve value-added products and the need to upgrade the core values of the
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