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Jinjiang shoe strategic planning for the next five years

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Jinjiang shoe strategic planning for the next five years Empty Jinjiang shoe strategic planning for the next five years

Post by dobei on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:41 am

At the recent meeting of Quanzhou innovation, Anta Shushing said Chairman of the air jordan, as at the end of 2010, ANTA has more than 8,000 stores home, with the industry's largest brand distribution network. And follow after the Anta, there are special steps, 361 °, Pick, etc., although the 2010 annual report data has not been formally disclosed, but these brands were to open in 2010 claimed more than 1,000 retail stores to achieve the total size 7,000 retail stores breakthrough "feat."

    According to
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, special steps, 361 °, the Olympic semi-annual report of listed companies in Hong Kong and other data show that their sales rose over 20%. Some organizations to predict, according to this rate of development will occur within three years the size of a group of the terminal level of sports brands and shops, and the entire sporting goods industry will enter a million store times.

    This seems also means that the next five years, and more sports brand shop is still the main theme of the terminal expansion boom.

    Step (China) Limited said, President D wave, special
will be opened in 2011, 800 ~ 1000 stores, including the giant stores, Star stores, flagship stores, anchor stores, such as different format store, in addition, taking into account China's Taiwan influence on the Southeast Asian market, special steps this year plans to expand outlets in Taiwan, to seize a bridgehead to enter the international market.

    According to sources, Anta, 361 °,
匹克 already developed a million shops and other programs, program 3-4 years to expand the number of stores to 10000 companies are listed after the implementation of this plan to accelerate much faster, making them an
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    Elegant birds (China) Co., Ltd. Brand, director of Wallace Cheung said, "and shops with the times" around the corner, this spectacular layout of the sports goods market itself is being increasingly questioned, the channel state has been close to saturation, single-store profits How modest change? Retail Management
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to improve? Both require all the solutions.

    Construction of sports sponsorship chain

The industry had predicted, sporting goods brand competition, and ultimately will be to seize the sports competition for resources. In two or three years, we can find, Anta, special steps, 361 ° and other resources in the battle for sports more and more sensible, clear, every jordan 11 formed their own unique brand of sports resources in the core competitiveness.

    Core Financial Step Bo Ho, said in an interview, special steps will be signed with the Taipei marathon two exclusive sponsorship agreements. Brand management needs to focus, in particular step selection marathon, helping to promote special next step to become an international brand.
Thus, special steps have to build the core strengths of all the top runners resources will run from the true meaning of its core resources to promote
nike dunk 6.0. At the same time, signed last year in Birmingham, English Premier League football club, based on the special steps will be action this year is expected to further casting football marketing chain.


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