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Quanzhou shoe should be noted that detection of new regulati

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Quanzhou shoe should be noted that detection of new regulati Empty Quanzhou shoe should be noted that detection of new regulati

Post by dobei on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:40 am

EU REACH regulation will be implemented informed of new nike shox , the California bill increase of about 65 adult footwear’s, handbag and other products, testing requirements ... ... How to Deal with trade barriers continuously updated in 2011? Yesterday, the Quanzhou Trade Promotion Organization of a lecture given in the answer.

    In the lecture, from the Bureau VERITAS Group, Dr. Halo Jun highlights a number of testing to be implemented in Europe and America new regulations, particularly the implementation of June 1 this year, the EU REACH notification of substances of great concern obligations, will give companies with to a severe test. According to reports, the EU requires a high degree of notification of substances of concern, mainly based on such substances harmful to human nature and the environment. Informed by the importer within the EU completed, Chinese enterprises should determine whether their products contain the material required
shox classic.

    Dr. Halo Jun analysis, informed of new regulations aimed at implementing the
principles of the REACH legislation: "No data, no market", with the implementation of new regulations, the future will be more strict enforcement of export products, reports the consumers if the encounter, and the lack of relevant data, as may be recycled at any time the risk of facing.

    He suggested that exporters should first strengthen the supply chain and within the various production processes management, qualified enterprises should arrange a test management of hazardous substances Commissioner and interaction with the authority of the testing organizations. While the
nike shox deliver
, in particular, should take the initiative to focus increasing attention for possible future material, and thus improve the supply chain and production of various aspects of the initiative to avoid the trade barriers, or increasing the cost of testing will bring tremendous pressure.

December 31, 2010, special steps Congress and the 2010 awards ceremony New Year's party that night in 2011, special steps announced head spawned waves: 2011, special steps will be into the brand development of the first three years, they will become The first shox oz fashion brand sports and work!

    At the same time, another round of strategic planning ANTA also developed around the COC in full swing, with the high-end sports rights, the spread of the formation of ANTA For continuity, a representative of the Chinese sports brand.

    From the early 90s of last century now, just ten years, Jinxing experienced a record sporting goods brand licensing, the licensing legislation the germination stage, two or three years ago, they involved the capital market will expand into the fast-growing period. Now, about to enter a new five-year, the industry guess one, who became the first
nike shox turbo, has ten thousand retail sporting goods brand? Who can create a mature marketing management system, and application of sports resources on the strength of the formation of a reasonable system, forming a chain of sports sponsorship? We can learn from some of the leading enterprises in strategic planning glimpse see the leopard spots. And shops with the coming era of


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