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The employees and in recognition of outstanding

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The employees and in recognition of outstanding Empty The employees and in recognition of outstanding

Post by dobei on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:39 am

In addition, the Red Ruining International also held its annual review and awards mbt shoes cum outstanding staff. Zhang Ruiz, general manager of the company's statement said that the achievements and efforts of their staff is inseparable from workers, and businesses along the way to thank each and every employee's efforts and hard to pay. "We follow the international principle of employment. Retain key talent to give each person has the vision, matching employers to consider the problem of commitment must be honored. And then the ordinary people, as long as the can do their jobs, I think it is talent. "He said," Now, our front-line general staff turnover is relatively small, employing the concept is the 'platform + mbt chapa shoes ', a good platform, coupled with good corporate culture, will be able to retain talent. “

Enterprise Ensemble debut

Quanzhou year-end event in recent years, the combination of popular and cultural activities.

In 2011 the night before New Year's Day, special steps group as in previous years was held for the staff summary of the year and awards ceremony. In addition to recognition of this event, but also brings together dance, comedy, music, catwalks, folk and other styles, wonderful art show, highlighting the joy, the sun's special step culture, people love to show the special steps to work love life, keep making progress, the passion to create new glory and self-confidence.

Party, in addition to individual professional actors invited guests to bring exciting
for the special performances; most of the other special-step programs are from the staff of their organizations in a "special step Sunshine Arts."

Step day party planner (China) Liu, vice president, said before, since 2008, the company based on employee relations in the basis, and engaged corporate culture, New Year's Day awards ceremony is to Dining yield activities, educating people by example, give employees access to inspiration and encouragement, feel the positive culture. Liu first special reference to the past two years, special steps have sunshine every Festival troupe on the scene. The establishment of
mbt sport
step sun Troupe, rich life amateur staff, the staff had to show talent stage. According to reports, although the troupe members of the special steps are not salaried, but the year, enterprises of light to the Arts teacher costs, fees and fare subsidies to make up to ten million.

Industry believes that construction of a corporate investment of Arts is currently very few companies willing to do so. Taiwanese companies now, in the building of enterprise culture, but also pay more attention to the direction of development, while ignoring the role of corporate propaganda troupe. Active boring art team can work atmosphere, and stirred the spirit of positive people and allow more interaction between staff communication, better relationships, and a sense of belonging to the enterprise. However, these
skechers shape ups
are not visible, can not be materialized, it is generally not easily put into the enterprise.
Sand painting masters to add to the fun and special steps on New Year's party in recognition of the various different, seven wolves Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. in recognition of staff and cultural performances to focus on the "weir yaw" Dinner


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