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Enterprise Ensemble debut

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Enterprise Ensemble debut Empty Enterprise Ensemble debut

Post by dobei on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:38 am

Reporter from the special steps companies have found that in recent years, the coach outlet online each year in the "year-end banquet at" night, held for staff and partners a large "weir yaw" appreciation dinner. In addition to the reward partners, the scene of the cash draw is an important part of the night. According to reports, a few years ago, special steps in "weir yaw" awards banquet for employees in the use of mobile phones, refrigerators and other materials, and the past two years has changed the scene draw a direct way of cash award. It is reported that special steps this year, more than 100 tables of scale, "weir yaw" feast; one should draw more than 100 million bonuses.

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feast grateful to

    In addition to "weir yaw" dinner, holiday dinner other forms of enterprises is also an important carrier of culture.

    The evening of 25 December 2010 and elegant birds (China) Co., Ltd. held a grand in its headquarters in Jinxing, Christmas Dinner, the company leadership, employees and representatives of the Association of units with more than 3,000 people shared the feast, lively atmosphere. Dinner, the boss tells us to talk with staff in a cordial atmosphere, forming a picture of joy. It is understood that the day of the dinner tables for a total of 300 employees, the annual
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Dinner is one of the companies act of caring staff, has been held for more than a decade. Dinner, elegant birds (China) Co., Ltd. Frederick Lam, chairman of quiet dedication to the elegant birds, contribute to the management personnel and general staff, and the fronts of many partners expressed a heartfelt thanks.

    It is understood that, in addition to elegant birds, there are many enterprises in Quanzhou choose to Christmas dinner. Business owners in the New Year on the occasion to thank staff were of the efforts and contributions over the past year. Recruitment difficulties in the special period, business owners want to express the human touch through dinner retain employees in the New Year, companies can more smoothly.

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and in recognition of outstanding

Late last month, Hang Group 25th anniversary awards ceremony held in recognition of outstanding contribution to enterprise development and outstanding achievements made by the employees and dealers. It is reported that recognition were set this "Outstanding Contribution Award", "excellent managers Award", "Award for outstanding basic level
", "Excellent Staff Award" and "Outstanding Dealer Award" five awards. After the end of recognition to be "moved Hang 25 years for the love" as the theme of the large party in Hang Headquarters.

Hang CSU Litanies CEO, said the past 25 years, along with the development Hang, Hang employees receive a large number of progress and growth, and gradually realized the value of your life; a large number of long-term partner with companies to share the rich fruits of growth and development This is "the pursuit of health, you and I grow," a vivid idea of verification, it is the older generation Hang entrepreneur and one of the greatest
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