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Services set for small enterprises in Wuhan "iron rules”

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Services set for small enterprises in Wuhan "iron rules” Empty Services set for small enterprises in Wuhan "iron rules”

Post by dobei on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:38 am

January 7, Hubei Province, Wuhan municipal government in accordance with the "oakley sunglasses sale ", for small garment enterprises set 7 "Rail Regulation.”

Topics include: being Haying reunion must have a valid identity document, prohibited the use of child labor; not to be charged or disguised Haying reunion receive any form of deposit, deposit, or seizure of personal documents; from 30 days from the date of employment and are strokes Entered into a written labor contract with workers; strictly enforce the minimum wage; monthly wages paid in money, shall not be deducted or delayed without justification; abide by the system breaks working hours, not overtime work longer hours, according to the
chanel sunglasses to pay overtime wages; for workers The establishment of basic pension, health care and other social insurance.


The staff has always been to care for "evergreen forest enterprise culture," said the king of the nine, animal husbandry, in addition to regular clothing this year, a variety of "weir yaw" show, will also hold the large end of the year "Annual Supplier Conference." "The annual meeting of suppliers, the boss requires higher specifications." Jumbo Wang (China) Co., Ltd., said public relations director Chen Shining, the current requirements of garment industry trends with the suppliers to establish strategic partnerships in order in the fast rhythm usher in a new leap in the market.

ray ban glasses
Green River Group Company Ltd. Zhao analysis, too, "weir yaw" Festival of creating a harmonious enterprise, the main employer is a carrier, enterprise and employee relations can be long-term development depends on a win-win between the two, in peacetime work under the foot, to seek business transformation and upgrading, taking into account the development needs of staff. He said: "In Quanzhou, after a 'year-end banquet', not only the end of the year, also indicates that the New Year. After all, employee’s hard labor for a year, the company put a few tables banquet reward what it should be."

Went to the lunar year-end end of the year, many employees are wondering very much the gucci sunglasses give them red packets distributed to give the number of reward. For enterprises, in addition to the staff of various departments to do year-end appraised, rewarded and, in the recognition of the same time, hold a recognition of cultural performance combined with a dinner, the staff's spare time in the year of tension, there a fun time to relax, but also to strengthen the building of enterprise culture in a main event.

    Million in cash when the prize drawn

    for most enterprises, Quanzhou, "year-end banquet at" the
is essential for business a year-end event to reward employees.

    In the southern region of the traditional festivals, red envelopes business owners tend to reward staff who work hard this year. However, in recent years, with the growth of Quanzhou and the building of enterprise culture and the increasing importance of large enterprises in organizing a number of "weir yaw" feast when the red envelopes of the reward in the form changed, including the development of a property lottery, team awards and
dior sunglasses programs and other content rich large party.


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