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Management staff of the three major doctrines

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Management staff of the three major doctrines Empty Management staff of the three major doctrines

Post by dobei on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:37 am

Staff in the management process, we need to develop a series of mbt shoes sale enacted to staff constraints, the implementation of standardization. What is standardization? In the best within a certain order, actual or potential problems and to develop common rules for re-use activities, known as standardization. Basic features include the standardization of the following aspects: abstract; technical; economy; continuity, also known as inheritance; binding; policy.

Our time, because there are no specific traditional beliefs, there is no criterion that transcendent thing, there is no absolute truth, the core concept, and it is not always determined by the staff of idealism to the right or not. Employees to comply with the regulations as long as the development, was timely completion of work, is a good employee.

Third, realism "
mbt chapa " in staff management, we should also carry realism. If employees can complete the task, a bit small is a small none, problems arose. Say the least, even if occasionally not complete the task, managers should not be surprising. This will be to manage the employee may be realistic, if not aware of this, in selecting and employing people will come to a misunderstanding and I hope you say the essence of management staff to facilitate better explore this issue.

Seven wolves Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. in recognition was of staff and cultural performances to focus on the "weir yaw" dinner. "The following issue is the mbt lami more than three awards'." This is the year the company had "weir yaw" to see the dinner scene. According to reports, is hosting this dinner, seven wolves sports specially invited 30 people from Xiamen scale "Philharmonic" Orchestra, a group dinner in the splendid prelude to the symphony.

    Sports this year, according to seven wolves "weir yaw" Feast of the relevant organization of personnel, in addition to continuation of last year the company this year, please Symphony Orchestra, the staff retained from the
mbt sport and starred in such programs, will also be invited to sand painting masters, with staff and partners to wonderful sand painting performances.

    Management innovation is the eternal theme; some experts believe that corporate culture to improve management mechanism provides a rich cultural heritage. Whether it is management innovation or business model innovation, and ultimately need to rely on a strong drive to achieve cultural, corporate culture is to promote management innovation to achieve development.


Human Resources Manager Qianlong Ling Attenborough, this year the company "weir yaw" event marketing center in Xiamen, "weir yaw" is not only well-prepared dinner on the staff party, raffle and other activities, but also for each employee to prepare a exquisite , travel or work out if the employees would also receive hundred of condolences to Kim. She said: "Last year, the company personnel stability is good, their sense of belonging is also relatively strong, a good working atmosphere."

    Bin lions with Iraq slave in the company of "weir yaw campaign has also invested a lot of energy. Assistant chairman of the company, Ms. Tseng said that year-end "year-end banquet" dinner with raffle, recognition awards, the old staff motivation, pay information.


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