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New law review lions share of garment exports surge

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New law review lions share of garment exports surge Empty New law review lions share of garment exports surge

Post by dobei on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:36 am

Reporter yesterday from the Office was informed Shish, Fujian Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 2010, 2547 batch lions apparel export ports, the number timberland boots sale (sets, pieces), the value of 109 million, an increase of 48.8%, respectively, 132.7% and 81.7%; including new 1323 law review approved garment export value of $ 64,431,000, respectively, of total apparel exports accounted for 51.9% and 59.1%.

    2010, countries continue to check the directory of the Customs Law of the new revised catalog of clothing introduced into the regulatory exemption from inspection, free of the cost of inspection and quarantine policies. It is understood that the lions seized clothing exports new law mainly infants and young children clothing, children's clothing, bras, blouses, pants, skirts, shirts, swimwear, underwear, vests,
timberland shoes, pajamas and so on. Main exports to the EU, Japan, the United States, ASEAN, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Taiwan and other countries and regions.

    It is reported that by 2010 the port lions failed test batch and the amount of apparel exports were down 70.5% year on year and 82.2%, laboratory tests failed batch fell 88.8%, and the export of zero returns.
Shish slacks Association recently held a meeting called for the implementation of the whole industry, "employee paid leave system.” Paid vacation standards to the minimum monthly wage in Shish City, 800, based on the number of days of annual leave shall not be less than the national time, days off shall not be included in the annual leave.

     Shish City, a lot of casual pants Association member business owners say their companies will exceed basic standards, higher and more preferential treatment given to workers paid vacation standards to safeguard the rights of employees on leave.

Management of enterprises was in the three state employees. High to low are idealistic, standards and realism.

I. Idealism what is idealism? In staff management, meaning that the
timberland outlet is the first thought is supreme. Idealism discussed here, although the sense of idealism and philosophy is not quite the same, but closely related. Means that the concept was of the ideal perfect goodness is selfless spirit of collectivism. Come back to staff management; require employees to have the idealism that the impartiality of the collective spirit, a hard working attitude of the old cattle-like working with such perfection of virtue and integrity guidelines, has a very good execution, with the Good idea of the perfect ideal means. Since it is a perfect morality, the ideal is unlikely to become a reality. Such employees, precisely because of its moral, work perfect, has led to it’s very difficult to find.

Second, the standard doctrine

what is the standard? Standard is best within a certain range order, the provisions of the activities or their results and the repeated use of common rules, guidelines or characteristics of the file. The document by consensus and approved by a recognized
cat shoes.



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