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Six Interesting and Psychological Phenomenon

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Six Interesting and Psychological Phenomenon Empty Six Interesting and Psychological Phenomenon

Post by sangbmt on Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:59 pm

With the increasing of age, people are becoming rational mature and the original habit of animal gradually degrade and hide to the rationality. When woman is shy or not good at expressing herself by language, she would get used to us the original physical contact to express her feeling. Physical contact is also the most direct way for people to convey their feeling. In this sense, women and children are more animalized than men.

The more information people have the worse of the choice they will make. The researchers in University of Texas said that, usually, people hold the idea that the more relevant information we get, the better decision will be made. However, a new research reached the opposite conclusion. The researchers asked all the participants to answer 250questions and calculate their cumulative scores. Half of the people have already known the relevant information of those questions and others don't know. It was found that the more information that people know, the lower the scores that they gain. This shows that too much information will affect our decision.

Why women like to hold man's hands? From a psychological point of view, women's thinking depends on feeling, and their sense is keener than man's especially touch. So, women are more accustomed to the use the feeling of touch to express their feeling.

Why audience would sing together with the singer at a vocal concert? Person who is originally introverted and shy to speak in front of people would follow the singer and sing loudly at a concert, and when they watch a sporting event they would cheer loudly for the athletes. Why does a person have such different behavior at the different occasion? When people put himself in a group, his individual awareness would become very weak.

Learn to let baby resolve a conflict by themselves. When baby has conflict with others, parents' first reaction is probably to find the solution as soon as possible. However, the new research shows that this can't make baby become cooperative with others. And the best way is not to teach him a way to solve problem, but to help baby sort out a problem-solving idea and let him solve problem by himself.

Why people would look up when take an elevator? In fact, the behavior to look up when we take an elevator has a close relationship with our private space. The private space refers that there is a certain space around our body, and when someone else break into our private space, we will fell uncomfortable.

Why we are unwilling to help those people who need help on the street? In fact, there is a psychological cause that we are unwilling to offer a helping hand. That is when there are many people around; we would think even without our help, someone would help them. This phenomenon is called Ringelmann effect.

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