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The origins of the Western Valentine's Day

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The origins of the Western Valentine's Day Empty The origins of the Western Valentine's Day

Post by sangbmt on Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:42 pm

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Article written by amamy

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The origins of the Western Valentine's Day
Submitted by amamy
Fri, 3 Dec 2010

Also known as the Western Valentine's Day or Saint Valentine Day Saint Valentine Day, the annual February 14, is one of the western traditional festival. On this day men give each other chocolates, cards and flowers to express love and friendship, has become a favorite holiday of young European and American countries.

Legend of the dawn broke the silence by a burst of noise, two soldiers pushed the young man with a to the prison gates. Men's furrowed brow, a pair of eyes could not conceal radiating wisdom and piety, clean clothes and hisidentity prisoners seem disproportionate. The soldiers inside the warden of his detention on trial. Warden is the pseudo-old person, by his side sat a young girl. Girl, tall, ruddy, wearing a white dress, exude the charm of youth, fly in the ointment is the carved marble like eyes, dark no light, it is clear she is a blind. "Name?" The warden began questioning. His calm give your name. "Do you plead guilty you?" "No I'm not guilty, I just did what I

should do." His rich voice filled magnetic interrogation room in a long time the echoes. Attracted by this girl voice, suddenly asked: "Sir, do you like flowers?" Hearing strange word sentence so that he froze a moment, then, he changed the tone of a soft answer: "Yes, I like flowers, lady. I love nature, love people." Impatient warden, told the soldiers took him into prison. His quiet going out, and before leaving, he bowed like a girl: "Thank you for your question, ma'am." He later learned that the girl is the warden's daughter, childhood blindness, the warden would have loved her apple, her love for me. Dinner, the girl in the lead down to the prison guards, brought him dinner. Said to him: "I know you are good at, I would like to chat with you, I've never seen the outside world, can you tell me some?" Although he has some surprise, but still enjoyable agreed. After dinner that day, both began walking together, chatting with them about the outside world, about life, about love ... Gradually, the two people's hearts have created a hazy affair. Unfinished, For more information, please visit the article below, a poignant love story.

This is a poignant love story, the young monk who was then known - Valentine, he is due to a violation of the law was a very absurd, a couple in the church, presided over the wedding the less fortunate, he dead the day was a 3rd century BC, Feb. 14. Later, the church to remember him this day as "Valentine's Day", or "Valentine's Day."

Later, a February 14, the French royal family, a big party the first time in the gift of roses and heart-shaped candy example. Valentine's Day from forming, a "Day of Love," while France has become for couples longing for a "romantic." Every day, boys will be a symbol of love, roses dedicated to favorite girl, and girls will be ready to kind of candy to give shape to their sweetheart. Valentine's Day quietly infiltrated into the minds of many among the young.

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