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Beach, some small eyes, graceful sister

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Beach, some small eyes, graceful sister Empty Beach, some small eyes, graceful sister

Post by reneyy on Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:12 am

Beach, some small eyes, graceful sister would stick inserted to pinch the straw, stick down the grass grilled sand. Clinging coach outlet store, a small crabs exposed, Lingling land bristling with machine eyes, stick with the same match, suddenly also like to fly cross-run, prompting us to catch up with a smile. Then somehow, less than graceful sister, our family came. I always looking forward to her one day looked forward, she shyly sat coach bags sale edge, and saw me, just cold faint smile. I was very puzzled, asked quietly behind his mother said: "do not tell me how graceful coach purses sale sister?" The mother said: "You set the marriage graceful sister, had not a few months in relation to unmarried Come, learn the rules, but also old and crazy, trouble with you. coach handbags sale elder sister married, I was going to school, did not go.

I heard she married husband is a shop apprentice, looks are good temperament, is the mother severe, often by her gas. After another few years, once I went to grandmother's house and saw two young women sitting on the coach wallet , wearing a white dress is the hair side, apparently with a hot piety. Her face was sallow, his eyes red and swollen crying, clutching the arms of a nurse boy. I hardly recognize this is the previous graceful sister laughing playful. Grandmother eyes were red, and told me cheap air max her sister's husband to the store graceful account, the entire month throughout the year on the table, too tired to spit blood, can not work, the boss quit. He did not light the reebok zigtech , the urgency, he died. Graceful sister buried her face in the child's hair, air max 24-7 just cry.

Grandmother rubbed too many cases, said: "all life ah! air max 2012 Later on, I left home, the flames of a row over and over many years, and then not heard from home, do not know what the fate of her sister graceful What the. Many a little bitter that the old shape ups, somehow, saw the two children being affected by the Korean war, torture, together suddenly rushed to my mind to. I want to: home already liberated, graceful sister's children had grown up over her life that did very well, right? But in Korea, in the other corner of the world, how many people live in tears ah! In time nike shox deliver we can eliminate war, I can go back to the motherland, and returned home a feeling of jordan retro ease of mind, re-look at home, like sweet,

In June 1959, air max 2011, I finally returned home after a long absence. The car flew along the seamount, along the way, I smell the sea an extremely familiar smell of fish, fly into cars to hear the road on both sides of a very friendly kind of accent, as if my heart stirring to melt like, soft, heat. timberland bootsfields along the road, always felt very familiar, yet unfamiliar. Look at the beach, beach piled up a timberland shoes, as if I was a kid used to go take a bath in field. May not like. It should be an originally Shacheng shortage ridge, now covered with clear above lush green trees. Look at that one place to another, as if, when the Qing Dynasty's "School field", I was a kid used to go play football. timberland outlet The original "school field" did not see, there was a clear stand full of large-scale ironworks.

Shui Po East West car, turn into a strange city, there are wide flat prada glasses, shops with bright, densely very lively. I was suspicious of what this place, accompanied by companion said: "to." Think this is my hometown. In my memory of them, mbt shoes saleis an old town, narrow streets, the market out, and now actually so busy, how can I know it? It also does not know me. I walked the streets, people coming and going, no one knows who I am. Originally prada glasses, one to twenty years, when the old people old, dead, the young generation grew up, where will be know me? No one at snow boots too, leaving only an old married sister, should go to see her. Walking around, people looked at me with strange eyes.


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