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I went to that day, the day also for the United

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I went to that day, the day also for the United Empty I went to that day, the day also for the United

Post by reneyy on Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:07 am

I went to that day, the day also for the United States, GAO bright and coach outlet store, good as it gets out; people happened, but still find an old wizard. The old wizard who lives in Western Hills at the foot of the early years, the wizard did four decades, white beard, or erect, very tough. We first invited to the old wizard in a village restaurant for dinner. Several dishes of game, half a glass of ale, the words of the elderly, the slow slow language statement said: "This place has no other coach bags sale benefit is high, one into the gate, as the threshold level with the top Yuquan. Topography of a high, gas is also coach purses sale, human love. spring outing people, summer coach handbags sale to fall - "a friend with the tour Jizhe Wen:" I do not know the red leaves the mountain yet? "the old wizard said

The time is not now. south sunny area, but also the first of the red. "Then run out coach wallet, we ask the old guide led us down the southern slope of the mountain. Good quiet place ah. Along the stone of the mountain, lined cheap air max , blotting out the sun, and heard the dog days walking in the shade did see sweat. Overlap with the old wizard, hands resting on the belly, leisurely walk in the front, always so slow slow speech will say: "nothing in this place originally, followed by a air max 24-7 mountains, only a rich man hired a give QUICKER He farming, pig farming. reebok zigtech fell on a broken stone of years, but fell into a little food, how to eat also eat pork. That's a bit weird doing alterations, in a few coins into the stone groove, get money finish, you know this is a cornucopia of.

to the operator when working account, what QUICKER do not, one to the stone groove. a broken stone of emergy money? rich happy to send personal situation, give him. air max 2012 too, QUICKER the toolbox on the mountains to carry no more, then buried Wage shape ups good, fear of forgetting the place, and took a pines and cypress tree above the mark inserted in his own home to find people helped raise. Who would have thought back to have a look, the mountains are pine and cypress trees, count them. "nike shox deliver about here, the old man sighed, said:" This is mountain living, Block ah. there are mountains there is water, water have pulse, a pulse will have seedlings, no wonder people say that pot of gold buried below. "This moment, the old wizard took us into the back jordan retro of a very elegant, there are two springs inside.

Stone walls engraved with the "double clear" word. timberland boots rolled around the elderly, said: "I is not up to the mountains for ten years, how there are pieces timberland outlet monument? I remember the carved monument is 'a dream to catch spring'." Then he told us a story that has the Yuan Dynasty emperor to visit mountain, tired, sleep here, and dream of himself sitting in the boat, the foot turned over the waves, wake up air max 2011 a dig at the footOld wizard smiled and said: "These are some wild country, I heard how, and how to say, you do not have to believe." Listening to this white-bearded old man ramble about some bizarre legend, you will feel more timberland shoes full of fascinating mythology.

We will not be so unpleasant to single disbelief. Just the way Hill, can not see how even a red leaves? The old man said: "you lost, one on the Ban Shanting, what have seen." We are on the Ban mbt shoes sale , I looked east, is really a boom. Vast gray plain of Hebei to the Great Plains, Yan prada glasses deep, is hidden in our city of Beijing. Also wonderful, would have been considered a bit ambitious Kunming Lake, looks just like a pot of water. Longevity Hill, Tower of prada glasses Incense, but more decorative bonsai. We all forgot to watch the leaves. Leaves on the slopes in the snow boots head, across, half yellow half red comes in interesting. Unfortunately, the water leaves injured, red, not transparent. If the flush, and under the sun, that the more concentrated color. I looked at the leaves, and asked: "What is this tree?


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