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Egyptians to ten minutes whizzing up

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 Egyptians to ten minutes whizzing up Empty Egyptians to ten minutes whizzing up

Post by reneyy on Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:04 am

it was also willing to spend some money, look supple Egyptians to ten minutes whizzing up and down four hundred and fifty feet high pyramid. These beautiful, lively natural lively, but the total is less than the pyramids at night is more charming. I went to that night, coach outlet store to, rather unfortunately, dark, and actually seen the news of the moon. Seems like a pyramid melted, melting into the thick of the night deep and go, come near to see the profile. coach bags sale whole tower is a large stone and long together. Climbed down the rock layers, far from overlooking the lights of Cairo little coach purses sale market, unknowingly caused me a vast expanse of the mind sees. I have been to during the day, also got into the tower, climb down a stone corridor, halfway drilling coach handbags sale straight to my heart, there is the king of Egypt, then put "Pharaoh" sarcophagus lies.

Kongguan still exist, but already dilapidated. Tonight I climbed the coach wallet, carefully touched the people of ancient Egypt stained sweat the big stones, can not but marvel again and again issued from the heart. Just think, five cheap air max years ago, Seven Wonders of the Egyptian people see how to create such an ancient and modern wonders? The moment I think: what the pyramid is not in possession of "Pharaoh," the sarcophagus, but it is amazing the people of Egypt reebok zigtech wisdom; pyramid is not a "Pharaoh" of the tomb, but it is the embodiment of national spirit. Breeze blowing from the desert depths, slightly a little bit cool. Fortunately, the seat in front of the pyramid quiet gardens, open-air seating arrayed some fresh, selling tea to sell water. I dated a few friends to go with a air max 24-7 glasses of Turkey is called hot coffee,

drinking, face talk. air max 2012 years, we see scattered all around several stone statue stood. I glanced conspire a small front, antique, and conjecture, like the ancient emperors of the moment, he smiled stroking the shoulders of statues asked: "How old are you now?" Egyptian friends who should be laughing from the sidelines: "The three shape ups friends. "I touched the statue of another asked:" And you? "Egyptian friend said:" I am still young, only a thousand years. "I laughed:" Well, you have this age, whatever the outcome, can be counted witness to the nike shox deliver of Egypt. "Egyptian friend said:" to be on the witness, the first Secretary of the jordan retro Mr. Finks, five thousand years, and what did not experience it?

"next to a burst of unrestrained laughter came. Then we air max 2011 that sitting in a glass house a few white people are around the table drinking, claws, a little tipsy. Egypt Friends deliberately dry cough or two, quietly said to me: "is something that timberland boots business." I asked: "What to do trading?" Friend of a sunken lips of Egypt said: "The sale of the atomic bomb is just around!" So I asked said: "You can say that the atomic bomb destroyed the pyramids?" visit timberland shoes in Japan with the atomic bomb eaten losses, should be said: "how can? all of a sudden everything done." would have just said here, someone shouted: "The moon came up a. "big round, the timberland outlet is not red nor yellow, but unfortunately missing the point edges, I do not know when to climb out from the sky.

We went to Tayue. A moon appeared, and all the mbt shoes sale scattered scared. Several are from far and near darkness seeped out of the pyramid, back set off by the dark blue sky, they look solemn, and calm. I looked into the distance that the Libyan prada glasses , Long Zhao moonlight, in thick mist, a quiet, ah, can not hear the slightest movement of a star, only three two night fire, gleaming faintly. A trance, I feel like I go into the history of ancient Egypt, was a century ago, the prada glasses desert. The history of Egypt that the Secretary staring Finks is lying in front of snow boots . Moon ground, the more than one hundred and eighty feet long Great Sphinx objects appear to be so quiet, yet so tame cooked. Say, especially the mysterious expression on his face, always a mystery not guess.


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