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they never fight, do not care about anything

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they never fight, do not care about anything Empty they never fight, do not care about anything

Post by reneyy on Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:01 am

they never fight, do not care about anything, or to continue working and continue to make honey, the whole day on the trouble ."I asked:" so good honey, not afraid of any bad things to harm you? " Lao Liang said: "how afraid of? coach outlet store have to guard against worms crawl in, have to beware of the Hornet. bumblebee that the most wicked thief, often fall bee nest hole. coach bags saleevil." I feel smiles: "Oh! nature there are invaders. coach handbags sale to deal with the Hornet it? "old Liang said:" The rush! go away to kill it. to make it stay there, the bees will be killed. "I think a question to ask:" But then, a bee can be long to live either? "Lao Liang replied:" queen bee can live for three coach purses sale, a worker bee can live for up to six months. "I said:" That such a short life span.

You do not gotta go outside the hive clean dead bees it? "coach wallet the old beams shook his head, said:" never use. bees is very sensible, and live to limit the number of their own to quietly die in the outside and never come back. "I was shocked: how cute ah the little creatures! Human nothing, but gives an excellent thing. In honey bees, but also in the cheap air max of life; not for themselves, but the sweet wine of human life. Bees are insignificant; bee ah but how noble! By reebok zigtech trees, I pondered, looking at the far field, where some farmers are standing in the paddy fields, transplanting seedlings Cincinnati air max 24-7 to points. They are using labor to build their own lives, but also in real honey - for themselves and for others, but also for future generations of life of the honey wine.

For a long time in a foreign country, people air max 2012 miss the motherland. Miss great, I have thought: a painting a child to be able to draw the face of the motherland features, always hanging in front of how good. I put a good mind to talk to Dan-comrades to discuss, find her painting. She said: "This is a problem, draw it? Drawing point zero shape ups broken water, one person one thing, will not work. Furthermore, it is difficult to tune the color. You are the best tone colors, how the face nike shox deliver to the motherland?" I thought, but also to put aside his awful thoughts. In February this year, I came back from overseas, stepped into Kunming, the jordan retro is drunk.

I am a northerner, on the season, perhaps stirring days of snow in northern, cold timberland outlet water, thin, but the pace of children in Yunnan in the spring ground, faster, everywhere destroying the midwife as early as move blooming like being destroyed. Rearranging the air max 2011 to count the height of Xishan Temple Terrace. timberland boots not far to smell the fragrance of an thin, straight infiltrated the human heart and lung. This is a plum, a Plum, white plum, green plum, as well as cinnabar plum, a tree of a tree, each tree is a plum tree poem. Magnolia flowers a little bit disabled, Bright yellow in spring but is at the time, that a spring, ah, I do not know than to have to timberland shoes Lake, deep water many times. In fact, this study is not the deepest spring.

And see which trees, together with the Monte Temple Lang prada glasses tall, shiny green leaves, flower petals intermediate care out of thousands of large flowers, so mbt shoes sale , every flower like a cloud of flame burned brightly . This is the famous camellias. Camellia gone, you is not easy to understand, "Spring like the deep sea," the beauty of this poem. prada glasses want to see, it is a good time. I swam Terrace Temple, scattered rain and braved a visit Black Dragon Pool, which are places of interest to see Camellia. Camellia some rare thought, do not snow boots to travel among them, and always saw the bamboo fence came a hut next to a scarlet flowers.


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