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Insects and flowers and birds

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Insects and flowers and birds Empty Insects and flowers and birds

Post by reneyy on Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:59 am

Insects and flowers and birds, who have drawn on, Could it be that love is often original. Bees are the artist's love of things, I now face is not like it. coach outlet store. When a child, once a tree pinch Begonia flower, do not want the bees stung a bit, till I almost fell down. Adults told me: not easily bee stings, must have mistaken you have to hurt it, just sting; a sting, run out of its own life and also live much longer. I listened, I feel sorry that the bees, to forgive it. But since then, every saw bees, emotional coach bags sale, the total not very comfortable. In April, I went to a small coach purses sale hot few days. All around the mountains, the arms holding a pool of spring water, and that thick and coach handbags sale view, is simply a green landscape.

Just go to the night, is a cloudy, occasionally leaning coach wallet I looked strange ah, how out of thin air filled with so many shiny black front hills, a heavy a heavy, rolling constantly? Remember the front of the building is a relatively flat landscape, not the mountain. What is the illusion that in the end it? Arrived at dawn to look, could not help but laugh. Turned out to be full of wild cheap air max trees, an even one and each of them the leaves are dense Debu through the slit, the night looked like a hill do not like! reebok zigtech [/i][/b]is perhaps the world's most beautiful fresh fruit. Su wrote this poem: "Japanese taste lychee three hundred, without any hesitation long as air max 24-7

shows the beauty of litchi. But why not, when I came to beckon from just getting a light yellow flowers, not outstanding. Leaves the air max 2012 hair, color pink, Daohai seen in more than spending. From flowering to fruit maturity, the approximate three months, it seems I can not wait to eat fresh from the hot spring of the litchi. Eat fresh litchi honey, but added time. Some may have not heard of this rarity child, right? shape ups more like a sea of litchi trees, flowering season, full of wild bees was buzzing, too busy to forget that sooner or later, taking advantage of nike shox deliver and flowers and sometimes honey. Condition litchi honey is jordan retro by pure, nutrient and more.

Most of those who live in hot springs like to eat this honey to air max 2011 I get two. Cypriot children opened the bottle, it is that an sweet; tone of half a cup of a drink, sweet in the clear air with a stock, it is a little taste of fresh timberland shoes. Drinking such a good honey, you feel what life is sweet. I feel moving the situation, do not always want to look like the bees themselves. Li timberland outlet deep, faint white-exposed corner of the house, it was hot Bee Farm commune, but an interesting name from the child, called "Bee Building." While very mbt shoes sale, bloom is trouble. One approached the "building", we saw groups of bees in and out, fly flying, that simmering scene, will make you think: what might the bees are building a new life to catch it. Bee staff took me into the old beams, "House."

Call him the old beams, in fact, is a young, very fine prada glasses. Probably want to call me the old beams in-depth look at the lives of bees, hearts opened a small wooden hives, box separated by a row of panels, each panel is full of bees, prada glasses crawl. Queen is a dark brown, slender stature in particular, are willing to adopt each bee to the flower essences to support it. Lao Liang said softly like a sigh: "You see these small things, and more obedient." I asked: "like this rush to cut the number of honey a year?" Old Liang said: "can cut a few pounds. bees this object, love of labor. Guangdong good weather, the addition of flowers, the bees are not idle all year round. snow boots [/i][/b]of honey and more, you are eating may be limited. Whenever a cut honey, to leave them a little bit of sugar, enough of them Eat on the line.


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