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Madrid idealist twice played in countries referees

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  Madrid idealist twice played in countries referees Empty Madrid idealist twice played in countries referees

Post by forget on Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:28 pm

Apparently, some clubs than other more wonderful, but we shall give the same respect, we must analyze and find opponent advantage, the method of cheap nfl jerseys find they are not so strong aspects - I don't like called it the weaknesses - to surpass them."Let the Madrid media worry is that tomorrow will be law enforcement century battle real old foe Iraq figure radmanovic -- this name family were against real Madrid idealist twice played in countries referees Derby defeat witnessed on real Madrid. Jose mourinho on Iraq figure ghd is not familiar with, but to their deeds also have heard: "I'm not worried about the referee, can I really seen some statistical data and newspaper articles - barca glad to see yi figure lal DE to law enforcement, and Madrid is not so happy." But he swiftly turned to Iraq figure radmanovic shows good: "I think it is random arrangement. Iraq figure radmanovic not Barcelona fans, but air max 24-7 law enforcers. I have confidence in him, and believe that he will do his work

if the players can give to him to help, then all will be ugg bailey button. We also hope to try to help the referee, won't let everything gets complex."As Barcelona "public enemy # 1", jose mourinho at camp nou will inevitably influenced by the "guest" class treatment. For may face hostility, Portuguese affirm oneself doesn't chi turbo: "I don't care how people meet me, to all the stadiums were the same 90 minutes, I don't think any coach will because the stands for your kind or not and concentration. He also said his first national Derby against Barcelona long-term against future only the beginning, "I hope this is not the last time I as real Madrid coach against barca. Because it means I can stay for several chi pink in Madrid, also represent the team everything is going smoothly."

Century battle in recent days has dominated the Spanish media most of the layout, as if la liga has completely became the two teams arena, but ugg boots sale 18 teams are just setoff. Mourinho timely reminder that real Madrid Barcelona with other teams do not represent the gap between the Primera Liga overall lack of competitiveness: "real Madrid and Barcelona are played very well, and are continuing to win the game, shows them in the air max 2011 dominating. But this does not mean that the rest of the team, we had no standard flat, they even lost. And atletico Madrid and villarreal and many other excellent team get us into trouble. At present in the standings points difference because two teams air max 2009 team performance, but it doesn't mean of the teams below are very bad."

Although not willing to make any prediction, but mourinho promised a bit - game will highlights: "the whole world is waiting for this chi flat iron, we have the responsibility for all who they want a game. I hope it will be a great battle, to finally, people are able to match itself was satisfied." For the fans, have "bedlamite" this sentence, it is enoughAn old Chinese saying goes, called the "become also respectively secretary, defeat also respectively secretary", this sentence using today in kalou body again appropriate but: if not the nfl jerseys of skipping recruit, carlo ancelotti's side were likely from st James' park home empty-handed, But if not kalou continue to, again missed opportunities, Chelsea in front of the gate from the top leaders will not fall out. Goal saviour does not false, in team ailing cases, and again miss superexcellent opportunity, but also lets the blues fans for salomon kalou's performance does not air max 2010 high marks.

The sky sports news post-match ratings air max new be more objective: six points scored once but missed opportunities. Kalou's score is not high, but will pass, obviously he's missed opportunity for Britain's racing mainstream media also feel unacceptable. Salomon kalou today miss opportunities and against fulham first-half 41 super bowl jerseys of small Angle leboeuf and prosperity. While Chelsea ultimately scored southwest London Derby, but Michael essien to have been the last moment, leading to a suspended until the game today can play many times, miss this chance kalou NanCiJiJiu. Although he is trying to finish self-salvation, but one point obviously not ancelotti, even the bench essien desired ghd iv styler.

In fact, kalou for this match opportunity many, OPTA statistics show that the Chelsea team today shot 20 times, kalou 1 person it six times, is air max 95 a third of the shot. Article 5 minutes, ASHLEY cole left breakthrough crosses, nicolas anelka straight into the six-yard box, with kalou stretching feet slow step, missed the opportunity to break the deadlock after only one minute, Newcastle first lead. Article 26 minutes, Chelsea tactical corner quickly leave, nicolas anelka right-wing cross, alex a header is blocked, the Brazilian header box again preach and infighting kalou first out one feet, was the magpies defender block. air max skyline first 45 minutes, kalou finally for team equalised in midfield, the ivorian continuous dribbling fake-out, pass to him good elder brothers mikel, the latter and florent malouda match after the ball back to the Chelsea striker salomon kalou's feet, ably dispossessing Campbell, ugg classic short hit the Newcastle defender Simpson feet deflection. Oneself attack, oneself finish, the ivorian today's equalising goal one and complete really beautiful.

Yi side again after the war, kalou lost at the end of the first half, but the shot after missing against fulham and Birmingham when opportunity difference ugg classic cardy completely exposed. Article 51 minutes, malouda straight, salomon kalou six-yard box after being stuck full-back position, missed 1 on 1 opportunities. Article 63 minutes, ramirez and salomon kalou formed two frontcourt two dozen 5 counterattack, kalou after the former direct passing breakthrough, again by Newcastle defender ball clears. After 1 minute, ugg classic mini left to the danger zone, salomon kalou box steps slower, gave the magpies defender scooped out feet opportunities. Article 80 minutes, kinky scene staged, malouda left precise crosses, box of salomon kalou the ball on his chest too big, but his timely across classic argyle knit other

and have a defender dropped the home team goalkeeper grams, small Angle ruhr in circumstances glimpsed racing, right now jets jerseys ancelotti has already seen overhaul of hope, the italians excitedly rose from her chair to celebrate, but his love at unconcioursly will shoot on the ball, cheers! Cut edge online 1 times absolute opportunities are being wasted!From fulham missed several scoring, causing essien was sent-off to challenge Birmingham, when at least three times and hand goals past, arrive again today and he say chi hair dryer.others ancelotti also don't know how many opportunities can be kalou waste. If the blues star can hold in front of the door so 1 to 2 times the chance, even if it is just a four-time advantage, Chelsea never easily will league with both hands.and reaching out to ugg classic tall united.


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