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both teams are showed let a person feel matchless terrorist

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both teams are showed let a person feel matchless terrorist  Empty both teams are showed let a person feel matchless terrorist

Post by forget on Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:27 pm

The fans expect a fantastic game, both teams are currently in the best state. Real Madrid and Barcelona are also all surged ahead without phase. A cheap nfl jerseys before the national Derby, real Madrid and Barcelona are made of the two emphatic victory finished warm-up. Barcelona 8 0 blew out al merial limited, 3 than 0 victory over Greece, panithanikos coase, real Madrid 5 to 1 swept athletic bilbao, 4 than 0 knockout ajax, ghd teams are showed let a person feel matchless terrorist state.With the past 10 seasons two teams almost always at the two ends of the seesaw contrary, this season has been for Madrid and Barcelona six rounds co-front-runner, will the other competitors far behind. The Spanish national Derby in two teams for the first time in the history of the giants negotiations between the best start: Madrid air max 24-7 Barcelona are breaking the la liga by the twelfth round the highest score, but the national Derby

records will be only one team continue. Although josep guardiola and mourinho and two teams of players all mean the game did not decisive ugg bailey button, because the league and many wheels, however, many experts believe, the game is really crucial, because the Derby, will greatly influence the outcome of the two teams of morale, and influence of this kind is in the next race all in all there. In the past two seasons, real Madrid lost chi turbo national Derby after he lost the whole season.Mourinho, unbeaten start to the season, the best real Madrid, these three words now become the most popular vocabulary in Madrid. Come to real Madrid after mourinho continue his magic bird legend, real Madrid are under his lead earth-shaking changes happening. In the meanwhile, real Madrid unbeaten kick not chi pink capello's 1 0 socialist, in keep low lost the ball defensive supreme, jose mourinho on offense also osd Europe.

What is worth mentioning, although in ugg boots sale training tested lars diarra, xabi alonso and pull of three quarter point on Sunday, but jose mourinho's pre-match press conference ahead of the starting lineup, real Madrid announced 4231 regular football is changeless, goalkeeper for Kathy, four defenders were ramos, carvalho, pepe, marcello air max 2011 has tipped the point, to restore health and pulling and xabi alonso partner ShuangHouYao, eritrea JiEr as playmaker, center for higuain, cristiano ronaldo and DiMa is placed in the left and right sides. Mourinho believes that real Madrid are could soon have champions phase, the secret is that the team has had a complete set of mature operation mechanism, and this kind of air max 2009 from the accumulation of playing time. In addition to jose mourinho, for his players keep faith is very important, if change often starting squad, that player confidence may be affected, so he firmly eduction "gold eleven".

Mourinho with Barcelona, there are always lots of problem. However, in order to avoid controversy, josep guardiola emulate a year chi flat iron, on the practice of Barcelona player in public appearances, media player make restrictions on personal interviews are cancelled, want to interview player, only to the press conference. Melon handsome don't want to Barcelona and real Madrid found between off-exchange disputes, the more nfl jerseys want and conflict between mourinho and, therefore, all sorts of mourinho's provocative, he shall not to respond.Josep guardiola after taking office, Barcelona to real Madrid repression is increasingly clear, the last four games country Derby, real Madrid are air max 2010 to use of defensive tactics against Barcelona, but eventually good football against defensive football.

Add Thai media, said mourinho no matter use what tactic doesn't matter, because Barcelona can with changeless should 10 thousand air max new, hits his football, Barcelona can win. Josep guardiola with Barcelona beat 142 matches, won the 103 games, only losing the 13 games valdes, alves, Lionel messi, Harvey, carles puyol these players participated in the last four games victory over real Madrid match, Barcelona player huge psychological advantage self-evident fact even last season, limitless scenery mourinho, rate of inter milan super bowl jerseys the nou camp is two wars defeats.War draws near, adds the peaceful media also puts forward a period of ShiHua. That year messi first-team debut, it is meet mourinho's Porto, when 16-year-old messi will bring mourinho defensive pressure. Messi is real Madrid last four games buster and national Derby he scored four and eight times against real ghd iv styler scored seven goals, but he still have a goal, because he never has scored against mourinho's side door.

But this time, the best messi is ready, in last season's uefa champions league semi-final, Lionel messi after folding halberd will again to jose air max 95 side an impact. Why? In his fifth in la liga hat-trick, most young "100 games as members of the club", also, continuous scored 10 new records and 2010 48 war 54 ball terrorist record.Similarly, cristiano ronaldo will face our problems. If mourinho was macy's Nemesis, the Barcelona is air max skyline ronaldo is difficultThe premiership since 1992-93 season since the establishment of the same round for the first time in 20 teams were scored in the process of this season come this round has important significance: united first sat down in the league is the best and lead dichotomy head. The premiership Sunday again to give fans dedicated a very ugg classic short DuiGongZhan: Liverpool have already walked in the restoration way, but they and withhold league defeats momentum as were the Chelsea striker "not to force" drag.

While most "appreciation" team spurs continue to play "reverse king" character, but they also have lost too many fatal: shoot penalty.Chelsea: "four MingBu urgent pull devil fixtures comingThe blues nearly three years after the first three rounds ugg classic cardy, this once five points lead two points behind Manchester united have become older second. Considering the key players in the team recently been missing frank lampard, John terry and Michael essien, withhold epicycle away in the premiership two-game skid's not too ugg classic mini a ending. Ancelotti helpless chopping not very successful, 442 formation control midfielder John obi mikel too many turnovers in the first half before kick-off 5 minutes appear calamitous + back to rob error, direct against miserable alex and petr cech. Newcastle united a pair of classic argyle knit centre-half suspended, midfielder has little Joe button and Nolan two spot-up, actually the centre-back rival power has greatly weakened.

But eventually Chelsea have a jets jerseys still cannot achieve reversed, or be striker weak ills.Attack online they have "four MingBu" drogba and nicolas anelka, florent malouda and salomon kalou, let ancelotti headache is the "four gun" nearly 5 rounds add up into a ball to unexpectedly, a ball or this war kalou chi hair dryer break! Before the season total 5 rounds into the 21-goal, nearly 5 rounds one harvest two balls, strong contrast visible as league lost the ball at least team, the blues downturn defensive problems is not big, the crux is - attack misfire. Including the champions league, the last three games they ugg classic tall up to 75 times, only into the three goals.


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