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Also, as compared to other

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Also, as compared to other  Empty Also, as compared to other

Post by rihanna1 on Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:40 pm

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Also, as compared to other domesticated animal species and pets, the domestication of cats happened quite recently. Due to this late domestication, cats have less bone and muscle abnormalities than dogs, which have been more strongly selected by humans. Cat's purring may in fact help them ease the osteoporotic or dysplastic conditions that are quite common of the dog species. And although we may feel tempted to consider that cats purr when they are happy and healthy, it's perhaps closer to the truth to acknowledge the fact that cats may be purring in order to communicate and heal themselves.

At any rate, cats and their purring may indeed have a therapeutic effect on humans, helping them heal faster and better. We could mention in this respect Aaron Katcher, an American psychiatrist who in 1982 proved in front of the camera how petting a cat can help release anxiety, arterial pressure, i.e. it can diminish the risk of heart stroke. Dennis R. Ownby, who is responsible with the allergological and immunological section of the University of Georgia, US, concluded after a 7 years study that daily interaction with cats humans get exposed to some molecules which are reputed for the efficient protection of the immune system. Cats are also said to have antidepressant effect on us humans but they don't send us any positive energy, all they do is liberate humans from their negative energies, anxieties and stress. They are a kind of emotional sponges, absorbing our bad vibes, in a way, without replacing them however with good vibes.


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