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Thus, cat's purring frequencies are

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Thus, cat's purring frequencies are  Empty Thus, cat's purring frequencies are

Post by rihanna1 on Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:40 pm

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Thus, cat's purring frequencies are strongly related to the capacity of healing muscles and bones. And because of that, this feline inborn quality may prove to be of use to us humans. Especially if we come to think of astronauts and their muscle atrophy and bone density loss problems when exposed to long periods of zero gravity exposure. In that situation, astronauts' muscular-skeletal systems are deprived of the normally experienced physical activity stresses, including the routine of sitting or standing, which demand human strength for controlling one's posture.

Cats are adapted to preserve and re-charge their energy through long periods of sleep and rest. Because of that, purring may in fact be a mechanism that requires low energy to stimulate bones and muscles. Because they are so durable, cats are said to have "nine lives" (or in Romanian culture, the saying is "a cat has seven lives"). There even is a veterinarian legend saying that cats have the power to reassemble all their bones if they are left in the same room with all other body parts. The roots of this cat mythology may be found in cat's act of purring.


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