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We usually assume that

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We usually assume that  Empty We usually assume that

Post by rihanna1 on Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:39 pm

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We usually assume that the purring of a cat is a sign of increased pleasure and contentment. But we may not always be right because we may be judging things from our human perspective. In fact, although cats most often use purring to communicate with their kittens, to express their gratitude or sense of well-being towards their owners, cats may also purr when they feel pressured or stressed. This may also happen during a veterinarian visit or when the animal is recovering from an injury, from an illness or a surgery. As we can see, not all the purring cats are pleased or happy with their current situation. The question why cats purr is still under debate, and researchers are still investigating the issue.

Another purring-related issue is how cats manage to produce these sounds. Thus, scientists have proved that cats can produce the purring sounds by laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles' intermittent signaling. Both during their inhalation and exhalation, cats have a consistent purring frequency between 25-150 Hertz. The results of several investigations have attested that sound frequencies of this range can in fact improve the density of bones and they can enhance the healing processe


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