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Post by rihanna1 on Sat Nov 05, 2011 1:55 pm

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and universities will find the Saatchi Gallery a very valuable resource to boost the appreciation and renown of their art, fashion and performing arts departments. Saatchi caters to these institutions on an international scale, and provides them the impetus and exposure they need in order to present their departments to the public as a progressive arm of the institution. The Saatchi Gallery caters specifically to the effort to market these institutions by welcoming posts and sample work from the students and faculty, allowing these parties to showcase their work on the internationally recognised website. Representatives of each university are empowered to upload material in the form of photos, videos or scanned art work to the site as a method of drawing attention to the abilities of their students and the expertise of the faculty that grooms them.

On the Saatchi Gallery website, colleges and universities have the freedom to highlight the achievements of their faculty members as well as the unique talents of their students. Yet they may also offer descriptions of their artistic programs, give information about their institutions’ location, and even provide links to their websites. The gallery is a supreme marketing tool because it provides a hub to which thousands of prospective students (and other persons interested in art) come to do research and locate educational institutions in which they may be groomed in the arts. It also provides critics with a method of gauging the artistic talents of a wide range of students without the need to travel, and therefore may afford your institution the recognition it would not otherwise have had. It also gives colleges and universities the chance of being recognised in an international gallery without incurring any expenses—as registration on the Saatchi Gallery’s site is always free of charge.


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