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Theatre Shows Empty Theatre Shows

Post by rihanna1 on Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:41 am

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If you search for Theatre Shows tickets, you'll find numerous different sites offering all they can for you to buy your tickets from them. You'll of heard of the big names out there such as ticket master or see tickets. The smaller names is what we're interested in and getting people interested in local theatre again. There are blogs all over the internet for local theatre, which is great, in Birmingham for instance there is a small theatre called The Crescent, a wonderful theatre, run by the community and volunteers, but these guys are performers from across the Birmingham theatre scene, they will do shows here for exposure but you're more than likely to see them performing at the REP or the Alex.

If you're interested then I urge you to have a look around. When you visit London, one of the main options is to take in a show, this may even be the purpose for your trip to London. If you search for London Shows or London Theatre Tickets the results are in their thousands on what show is the best for you to see and why.

This is all well and good, and don't get me wrong or misquote me in saying that theatre is anything less than world class in the bigger cities - but I think what we miss when we miss going to our local theatre is a little more of a community atmosphere, sitting somewhere for 2 hours where you believe that you belong to be and being able to relax into a show. Rather than sitting in a stuffy London theatre


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