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Tollywood vs Bollywood - Who is a Bigger Player

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Tollywood vs Bollywood - Who is a Bigger Player Empty Tollywood vs Bollywood - Who is a Bigger Player

Post by rihanna1 on Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:06 pm

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India is synonymous to historical chronicles, diversifying cultures, and most importantly films. Indian cinema fraternity isn't limited to Bollywood, as many perceive it to be. Telugu cinema screen has been quite a show stealer in the southern realm of India. India is a vast country with multitude of religions and languages. Tollywood is yet another film industry that refers to the movies made down in south, precisely in Andhra. Bollywood is known to have a better footprint in the Indian film industry vis a vis its counterparts, but there's always been a stringent bone of contention between the two film cultures about the products they create! So who surpasses the other and has a superior stand? To each, his own! For now, let's do a practical synopsis.

Well, Bollywood has a fan following across the map, whereas Tollywood still needs to sink in people's hearts besides southern part of the country. Although Tollywood movies reviews has made more movies than its Mumbai counterpart, as far as stats reveal, but still has a long way to go when it comes to becoming show stealers and attracting fan affection. Bollywood has left its imprint on a global scale and has been stepping up fame corridors evermore year after year. Bollywood actors are enormously paid as compared to Tollywood actors and also have a stronger footprint in the international realm. Online Telugu Actress Stills needs to work on its PR skills and strategic marketing in order to seep into global map.


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