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Canvas Air Force 1

Post by airmax2009 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:45 pm

DUNK years can be said of this year, there will be continuous peripheral products has introduced. Today, we bring a new backpack air max 2010 series. As a skateboard backpack, regardless of its large capacity, plus a pair of MAC PRO DUNK are alone, secluded desert color, to the storage pocket, zippered waterproof adhesive and other details of the part, reflects the fact, with powerful features. The a recent marbled big hot burst, presumably will lead to a burst of classic ugg boots

A pair of new shoes that is, Court Force Hi, with the within a package, like Court Force Low, and are based on a similar "earthquake" in the texture package. In this package, several different shoes, they are not the, although some used the same approach, but in fact classic ugg boots is still not the same, unlike a lot of suits has launched the design practices are the same, appears to lack novelty. These new updates of the Court Force Hi is water used in the the blue, diamond-Man appears to have clear, also the subject of this suit to the

2007 re-launch of the wholesale ugg boots Force 1 has achieved unprecedented success, the Spring Festival in 2008, has also added a new color, but still have not seen the emergence of women's versions, which makes a lot of girls like the 1 were all can not have their own "canvas shoes." However, this phenomenon can be changed in the 2008. From Air Force 1 2008 to the latest available program, we see the ugg boots of Air Force 1 canvas version of the picture. Women's version uses softer and brighter colors, more people appear to be very comfortable for girls to wear. The is green and orange; they will be in April and May in the coach bags.

Including the much anticipated of the Air Jordan Countdown Pack 9 +14 will be officially on sale this week, although the Air Jordan XIV engraved materials vary greatly in comparison with the chanel bags, but the color is always black and red Michael Jordan fans in mind the supreme standard color. And coupled with the first year of the color of the, the significance of this package have been greater than their own the classic short boots.

If you love running, road running shoes and love for stability, then the Plus Air Max Moto + 5 may be the best for you. Around the new QMR-2 "Ma" technology that allows your feet to get more comfort and air max tailwind. This technology will toes, soles and heels of organic unity, the integration of the protection and support can not be said to be 5-star standard, but it also can connect, run your data and the of recording to convey to you, so you better run programs to develop the next step.

2008 is bound to be an extraordinary year for the ugg classic tall, because the rumors are on behalf of the shoes last year, so every move JORDAN BRAND we are doubly concerned about that. Year, and a pair of AIR JORDAN engraved, which is based on McDonald?? Douglas Corporation in 1965 began the ugg bailey button of a double heavy supersonic fighter aircraft of the design concept and another pair of Jordan not on the on behalf of the shoes is wearing off - AIR JORDAN XV.

This month, pack 14 +9 will be formally available, and in the April sale is 2 to +21. In the exposure for a long time after, Air Jordan XX1 finally opened a mysterious veil. The first year of the classic argyle knit officially launched in 2006, but the Air Jordan XX1 year because of the style of the shoes does not conform to the suffering criticism. But it seems indelible Jordan shoes in the hearts of fans the shoes to see the hot Air Jordan XX3 this year illustrates the problem. The classic argyle knit is black and red color, which is marked color orthodox Jordan shoes, but the first year of the Air Jordan XX1 to cancel the sale of, but red and black silver and the to this complex moment that is made up of two years of regret. Plus the first year of the white and red color to retain high to help Air Jordan 2, the ugg ultra tall is the Air Jordan Countdown pack of the first climax. The suite will be officially launched on April 26, still 310 dollars, and while there will be Kids version available, priced at 210 dollars.

As the year Jordan retired the ugg classic mini, this pair at 11 December 1999 sale of the AIR JORDAN XV official position that there is some embarrassment. Allen, Reggie. Miller, JORDAN Teamís pushing the is still flat, this weak even for the ugg argyle knit boots of AIR JORDAN 17, when the adjusted series in positioning foreshadowed.

TINKER HATFIELD as the of AIR JORDAN era style, AIR JORDAN XV breakthrough in the style of the past, AIR JORDAN shoes and concepts in simple lines and bright sense of the imaginative and abstract construct of the cheap jimmy choo handbags series of future design concepts, it no longer AIR JORDAN XIII, XIV so concrete, but a more open concept of conceptual design thinking. This is the the AIR JORDAN series opened up a new direction, to prepare for shoes series designed to find the inexhaustible source of inspiration. In all fairness, AIR JORDAN XV of the upper material the air max 90 comparison in the 90's trend is still hand-woven rattan seats from the technology, the boots in the shape of the shoes is also a breakthrough, as the court for a trapeze to leave the NBA recall, in its sole JORDAN I already have on the birthday, followed by the Department also represents the trapeze back engraved with the ugg classic cardy, 6 championships and 15 on behalf of the of Arabic numerals mark means. This is the era of the AIR JORDAN Houqiao Dan a series of inevitable "in remembrance" beginning of the coach sale, because there was a rumor this is the last pair of shoes JORDAN BRAND.

As everyone knows, the 20th century, the shoes 90's industrial golden age of rapid development, during which emerged out of the too numerous to mention, but which can be called a star among the stars of the ugg boots sale, always in our minds difficult to erase. Often think, it is not their own hearts to grief. AIR ZOOM FLIGHT 95 is the past and so has the of a pair of shoes classic landmark.


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